Volume Summaries

The fine print: kun is a male suffix, used after boy's names.  Chan is for femalesChapter 1-Futaba-kun Changes!
The series starts up with Futaba getting reprimanded for daydreaming about Misaki. After a scuffle with the wrestling team, Futaba inadvertently sees Misaki's panties, to which she is very upset. Her friend Negiri demands money for the peepshow, but the captain of the wrestling team intervenes and Negiri relents. We find out that Misaki was upset about her panties because she thought Futaba saw the tag with his name on it that she wears as a good luck charm in hopes he will fall in love with her. The wrestling team is looking at a playboy-type magazine, then gives it to Futaba, since he likes girls (so the other 3 dont?!). Futaba looks at the magazine in the bathroom, gets sick, and then passes out. After he is missed in his next class by the wrestling team, they go looking for him. Futaba wakes up on the floor of the mens restroom female and confused. She disrobes, save for her jacket, when the wrestling team walks in and attempts a capture. Futaba jumps out the window, and runs throught the school grounds wearing nothing but a jacket, holding the playboyish magazine. He hides from the wrestlers in the infirmary, and wakes up male with his pants, which Misaki had fixed (they had split earlier). He goes home and reads the magazine some more, and turns female again. His sister walks in, acts suprised, and yells "Mom! Dad! Futaba has become an adult!" His dad explains the curse to him, how the entire family switches genders when exicted. Futaba is less than pleased.
Chapter 2-Futaba's Locked Room Close Encounter!
Futaba is having a dream where he and Misaki confess there love for one another, but then Futaba is suddenly a naked girl and Misaki walks away, looking for the real Futaba. Futaba wakes up female with his sister Futana in his bed. She won't say what she was doing, just that he makes her hot. He ponders the gender situation while at school, when a member of the wrestling team attacks him. The entire team proceeds to tell him about the naked girl running around the grounds (futaba yesterday), and how they must find her and make her a member of the wrestling team. Misaki and Negiri see them carrying on from the other side of the room, and Negiri then tells Misaki about the naked girl (Misaki didn't see because she was fixing Futaba's ripped pants). It switches to gym class, where Futaba almost has another gender attack after watching Misaki vault over the high jump. The wrestling team finds him sneaking away, and take him up to the roof, tie him to a rope, and throw him over the side of the school in hopes of getting a better look and finding the girl from yesterday. Futaba crashes through the school, the wrestling team forgetting to hold onto the rope and remembering that he wouldn't know what the girl looked like anyway since he never saw her. Futaba winds up on the other side, flying out a window, into Misaki, and they both get locked in a shed alone together. They start discussing the naked girl, Futaba explains that that is not his kind of girl, Misaki is his kind. He transforms into a girl after saying it. Misaki reaches over after she felt his hands, "as soft as a girls," and accidentally grabs Futaba's cleavage and wants to know what it is.
Futaba Escapes!!
Futaba makes up the quick explanation that what Misaki was grabbing was a deflated ball. Misaki starts questioning whether it's really Futaba again, when he states again that Misaki is his kinda girl and that's why his voice is higher and he doesn't seem himself. Misaki starts leaning over (well, it was on top of him, Misaki is a nice girl so we'll say it was for a kiss) when the wrestling team breaks in. A small scuffle breaks out between them and Futaba as they identify him as the girl from yesterday. He runs away, leaving the wrestling team and Misaki, who has thankfully passed out before seeing Futaba in female form, in the shed. The Wrestling team takes Misaki to the sick bay. She comes to and sees Chima (a member of the wrestling team) in bandages and the Wrestling team getting yelled at for throwing someone off the roof. She then thinks the shed was just a dream and the team threw Chima off the roof. Meanwhile, Futaba runs into a restroom and takes a cold shower to turn back into a male. He finishes, puts pants on, opens the door to the lockers, and walks in on a bunch of girls getting dressed, forgetting he's a guy. He darts back into the showers, swears, and gets into a shower stall and turns female just as a pack of ravenously angry girls comes in and inquires about the guy. Futaba says she's all alone, and the girls just stare. It switches to the Wrestling team still on the search for the girl. They come to the girls locker room and realize it's the only place they haven't checked. They pay Negiri to go and look for her. The girls seem creeped out by her presence, she has to insist she's a girl over and over again. She yells out when she finds Futaba dressing, the wrestling team comes barging in, and as a result, one has an explosive nosebleed like he frequently does. In the excitement, Futaba runs out of the locker room and decides to hide in the sick room. Upon entering, he finds Misaki, who hides him in her bed, under the sheets with his face in a very comprimising place. Futaba walks home with the Wrestling team later (as a male) and listens to them go on and on about the girl. His alibi for that period of time was that he was stuck in a tree as a result of being thrown off the school.
Futaba-chan, the New Transfer Student!!
It starts with Futaba in the bath... exploring his female body. Futana comes in and explains that he will need lessons on how to be a girl. She explains how to wear lingere, of course making Futaba pose for her in the process. She explains that he will be enrolled at Komatane High school as a new student. Futaba-chan meets the principal, who asks her whether she believes in justice. Upon looking out the window, the principal runs away, coming back a little later as the thinly disguised Justice Maker (The principal has an unmistakable large round head). He then jumps through the window and knocks the Wrestling team (who was spying to see if the girl they had heard was transferring in was THE girl) out of the rather large tree. The principal rejoins Futaba bandaged and bleeding, asking about the Justice Maker. To introduce Futaba to her new teacher and to have the teacher escort her down to her classroom, Mr. Sabuyama is paged to the office, called away from staring at his picture of Futaba-kun. When Futaba-chan is introduced to Mt. Sabuyama, he is rather distraught that a girl could have the same name as his "favorite boy." Futaba-chan tries to greet Sabuyama-sensei intimately like Futana told her, but he freaks out and takes a disliking to her. While they're walking to class, Sabuyama-sensei reveals the fantasies he has about Futaba-kun and makes Futaba realize his... persuasion. They encounter the wrestling team bearing down on them, Sabuyama-sensei thinks they want to jump into his arms, but Futaba-chan is grabbed up by them. Futaba transforms back into a guy while he is being carried, but before Chima can fully investigate this, he sees Misaki with her skirt up, has an explosive nosebleed, and disorients everyone so that Negiri(the one lifting Misaki's skirts), Misaki, and Futaba-chan all end up in the girls restroom, Futaba-chan with her face in Misaki's, uh, crotch. They then make it sucessfully into the classroom where Futaba-chan introduces herself.
Futaba-kun's Wild and Crazy Dance!
Class starts with Sabuyama-sensei freaking out over the absence of Futaba-kun. When he leaves, the class wants to ask Futaba-chan a lot of questions, so the Class rep puts people in a line and lets them ask. Misaki puts a quick end to this when she takes Futaba-chan to the restroom with her. While in there, they talk about what kind of boys they like, and Futaba transforms back into a man. Misaki tells him that Futaba-kun is the guy she likes, but then makes her promise that she won't tell, Misaki hadn't even told Negiri that she liked Futaba. Then Principal Hirouin bursts in dressed as the Justice Maker, causing Misaki to run away screaming about a pervert. Principal Hirouin, with glass embedded into his head, shows Futaba where all the secret changing rooms are. While changing back into a male uniform, pondering the fact that Misaki liked him caused Futaba to transform back into a female. He hurried back into gym class, where they're learning folk dancing, complete with land mines their teacher equipped the field with. The class was short one girl, so Mr. Sabuyama took the place, excited he got to hold his favorite guys' hands. Excitement building as Futaba got closer and closer to having Misaki as a partner, he had to run and change into a female uniform as he transformed into a female. When he got back, Sabuyama-sensei was distraught that he didn't get to dance with Futaba-kun, and was being rude to Futaba-chan. We leave the volume with Futaba-chan dancing with Misaki and wondering if he'd ever be able to do it as a man.