Volume Summaries

Sister Futana's Dangerous Change!!
This volume starts off with Futaba and his father discussing Futana's whereabouts. When the mother says Futana's out partying, Futaba's father seems distressed. Later, we see Futana coming home drunk. When morning comes, there's a trail of clothes leading up the stairs, then we see Futaba screaming as he discovers Futana naked in his bed. She kisses him passionately, and throws up in his mouth at the same time. Futana then asks for a glass of water to get the nasty taste out of her mouth. Futaba leaves, disgusted, and Futana comes downstairs semi-clothed to eat breakfast with her dad. He tells her she's going to be late for class, then Futana says she has enough credit hours. A helicopter comes to take the mother to work, and then the Father leaves for work as well, leaving Futana at home by herself. She leaves to wander the town looking to "pick up a chick." When she finds one she likes, she runs into a nearby restroom to change quickly. She comes out of the stall male, and runs into a woman who is awestruck by how handsome Futana is and promises not to tell anyone after Futana kisses her. When Futana comes back out, she finds the woman she was after has already been taken by another guy. The next day Futana is walking into her college and complains about not finding any chicks. She finds one on campus she likes, but as she runs off to change, the same guy that ruined her plans yesterday comes and picks up the woman. She goes to a class and asks a friend who the guy is, and finds out he has a one night stand with a different innocent looking girl every day. Futana vows revenge. The next day she runs into him asking for directions, and he asks her to "tea or something". While at a fancy restaurant, Futana pigs down several orders of food as well as large quantities of Champagne. The guy, Komashita, uses some lame lines on her and then takes her to a hotel room. Futana takes a shower, then while Komashita takes one, Futana turns into a male and pretends to be her own crazed boyfriend and beats up Komashita when he comes out of the shower. When he comes to, Futana feigns concern and Komashita gets angry with her, claiming she set him up. She starts telling him about her crazed boyfriend that stalks her and follows her wherever she goes. To prevent getting beat up again, Komashita takes Futana and goes to his summer cottage. He sleeps for the night. When he wakes up, Male Futana is there and beats him up again. Later at college, Futana hears that Komashita has a Female Phobia. Futana simply says "He must've gotten involved with a really nasty bitch I guess. What a sad story!"
Futaba's Quest for Lingerie!!
Futaba finds he needs new underwear for his female side. When he asks Futana for some, she tells him to get his own, and when she measures him, she cops a feel and turns male. So then we see Futaba-chan in front of a department store with a big picture of Kahoru Iroka on the front. She goes in only to find Misaki. Misaki came with Negiri, but she's arguing the price of lotion with a clerk and Misaki says she'll be there for hours. Misaki volunteers to keep Futaba-chan company while she shops for underwear. The two girls go upstaris and start looking, only to find an unusually high number of beige underwear. This is because one of the employees at the store smokes like a chimney. The manager yells at her and tells her if she smokes in the store again, she'll be fired. So the employee starts wandering around the store and finds Futaba-chan and Misaki digging for underwear at the bottom of the bin that's not cigarette stained. She goes over to them and helps Futaba-chan pick out lingerie. The first set she shows Misaki and Futaba have pockets in them, and when they learn they're for cigarettes they insist the clerk show them some normal ones. Futaba-chan models several types of lingerie, but then we see her in such things as boxers, a male thong, and a fundoshi with an extremely buff body (or in the case of the fundoshi, a sumo build). We find the underwear Futaba had been modeling was on cardboard with a hole for a head cut out, and Futaba gets mad and leaves the Clerk. The clerk collapses, and Futaba and Misaki are concerned. The clerk seems to be suffering from nicotine withdrawl, as she cannot go 10 minutes without a cigarette. After the clerk wanders away, Misaki measures Futaba-chan for a bra, and is dismayed at how big her chest size is. It goes back to the clerk, who is amazed that she can smoke a whole cigarette in one drag. Meanwhile, Misaki is handing Futaba ladies underwear to try on in the dressing room. Futaba has gone male and is dismayed at how much the lingerie costs. Misaki runs off to the bathroom, and passes through the lobby, which is obscured by smoke from the clerk. The clerk is testing out how many cigarettes she can smoke in one drag, and after doing 5. She accidentally throws the butts into a display after the smoke from her experiments causes the fire alarm to go off. Futaba is upset since he can't concentrate on turning back into a female with all the noise. Meanwhile, the butts the clerk threw started a real fire in the display. People are evacuating the building quickly, and the clerk that was arguing with Negiri begs her to just leave the building.
Futaba's Fire Panic!!
Futaba runs out of the changing room and into the smoke filled and deserted store before he realizes all he's wearing are a bran and panties... and he's male. He uses some panties from the store as an air filter as he looks for a way out. It then goes to Kahoru Iroka, an idol whose picture was seen all over the store, is at a local fire station as the guest fire chief. As the real fire chief is trying to explain to her that power immediately reverts back to him if there were to be a fire, the alarm goes off and Kahoru rushes out of the station heading the fire department. Back at the burning department store, Futaba goes into a restroom to wet down his air filter panties and finds Misaki laying half in, half out of a stall unconscious. He concludes that she must've heard the siren and tried to escape with her panties around her ankles and fallen on the floor. Of course, upon seeing Misaki he immediately goes female. Futaba-chan then tries to pull up Misaki's panties, but Misaki wakes up screaming when Futaba-chan pulls too hard. They try to find a way out of the building from the bathroom, but it seems all the exits are blocked. Misaki starts crying and says she doesn't want to die in the department store and she regrets never having told Futaba-kun how she feels. Futaba realizes they may not get out alive, and begins to tell her his secret. He is cut off when the smoking clerk comes out of one of the stalls. It goes back outside, where the Fire chief is yelling at the store manager because the sprinklers and fire shutters weren't working and there were still people trapped inside the building. Kahoru sees this as a perfect scenario for her. She tells the crew to start the water. Meanwhile, inside the building the clerk found a fire extinguisher and was using it to clear a way for herself, Misaki and Futaba-chan. She's hoping to escape from the building late so everyone will be happy she's alive, and she'll be able to cover up the cause of the fire. Outside, Kahoru is aggrivating the fire chief by having the fire crew spray in such a way as to create rainbows with the water. Back inside, the Clerk finds a fire escape and opens it, only to find it filled with water. The pressure of it sends the 3 flying back into a wall. The clerk's cigarettes get soaked and she runs off into the burning halls to get new ones out of the vending machine, leaving Futaba and Misaki to fend for themselves. Misaki's out cold, and Futaba, determined to play the hero, turns male again and slings her over his shoulders and begins looking for an exit again. Outside Kahoru is playing with the fire equipment when someone brings the smoking clerk out and says there are still people trapped in the building. The entrance collapses and all seems to be lost until a fireman unveils his robot Saru-Brain, a high tech firefighting robot that can withstand high temperatures. They send it toward the building to recover Futaba and Misaki when it comes running back, afraid of the flames (it was built with a monkey brain -_-;). Kahoru looks up to see Futaba-kun, still wearing a bra and panties, carrying Misaki. She then gets up on a ladder and throws Saru-Brain up on the roof. It knocks a tank loose that rolls after Futaba-kun and chases him down the stairs. He turns female while running. When he's at the bottom, the newscrews that have gathered praise Kahoru as a hero. She then reveals that Futaba-chan is her daughter.
Futaba-chan Becomes an Idol Star!!
The headlines are that Kahoru Iroka has a daughter named Futaba-chan and the whole school is abuzz about it, except Misaki. She woke up at one point while Futaba-kun was carrying her out of the burning building and thinks she must've been dreaming. Negiri offers her some lotion that she got at a steal as a result of the saleslady begging for her life and offers to give it to Misaki at a quarter of the price. Misaki refuses, and Negiri begins selling it to the rest of the class. Meanwhile, the wrestling team is... a tad excited, to say the least, over the fact Futaba-chan is the Daughter of Kahoru Iroka. Futaba thinks back to how his dad explained this to him. Futaba thought it was mean to keep such a thing as being a famous idol a secret, he simply replied it was more fun that way. When Futaba asked if the media learning she had a daughter would spoil anything, he simply replied that it was good to give the tabloids something to feed on every now and again. As their talking, Kahoru is turning back into a male and is getting dressed in a suit. He opens up the door to the room and finds a large crowd of media people waiting outside. They address him as Kahoru's manager and he tells them that Kahoru has already left the building. The crews run looking for her. Back at school, a new character, Takane Hirouin is introduced. She is angry that Futaba-chan is getting all the attention for being the daughter of an Idol. Such attention she feels should be lavished on herself. Within a few frames, we learn that she is very stuck-up and self-centered. As a girl passes her in the hallway, she pays her a compliment, which Takane accepts not-so-humbly, and as she is still commenting, the girl begins talking with another girl about Futaba-chan. She grows furious momentarily, until she concludes that she'll have Futaba-chan join her clique so she can share in her popularity. Back in class, Futaba and Misaki are having private antagonizations about eye contact. As Futaba has some... impure thoughts about Misaki, he starts to transform and leaves the classroom. As Futaba-chan is leaving her changing room, she is chased down by a large group of schoolkids. Takane is wandering the halls looking for her, and sees Futaba-chan running toward her. She assumes Futaba-chan is looking for her, and as she tries to speak, Futaba vaults over her head and Takane is trampled by the group of kids. Takane thinks Futaba-chan ignored her, and as she is getting up off the ground, Futaba vaults her again and she is again trampled by the group of kids. Then she gets extremely mad. She goes to the club room and we find out she has an alterego, the Evil Mistress Queen X (this is much like her father's alterego, the Justice Maker in all his forms, except she's evil. Must run in the family...). As Futaba-chan sits in class, her fellow students all decide simultaneously that she must join their club. Then, Queen X breaks in and makes off with Futaba atop her horse, or her two henchman disguised as a horse, as you prefer. She is stopped by the Justice Tengu, her father dressed to set things right. After a brief standoff, Principal Hirouin declares the rest of the afternoon will be dedicated to a "Fight for Futaba Shimeru."
Futaba-kun Joins the Fight!!
The fight preperations are complete chaos, the class president is trying to keep everyone in order and in a line to sign up for the fights, and seems to be getting some kind of strange thrill out of it. It goes to Motomura beating on the other two members of the wrestling club and secure in the knoweledge that Futaba-chan will be joining the wrestling team, when he is suddenly asked to ref the fight. We see him looking around at the battered Chima and Takeru, then yell in disbelief. Back at sign-ups, The Evil Mistress Queen X gets the person in charge of sign-ups to believe that "queen of the dark" was a valid club position. She swears revenge on Futaba-chan yet again. It goes to where the swim team is gathered, and Misaki is a bit worried about all the weirdos that are competing to get Futaba-chan into their clubs. Misaki doesn't like the mental picture that elicts, and feels pity on Futaba-chan. Speaking of, we go back to Futaba-chan sitting bored in the trophy, when Futaba-kun is paged over the loudspeaker. She excuses herself for the bathroom, changes, and discovers that the wrestling team wants Futaba-kun to be in the fight on their behalf. When he asks about the others, Motomura tells him never to forget their sacrifices (Motomura is a bit hung up on noble sacrifice, I don't know if I mentioned that before). Finally, the fight begins, with the first round being the Sumo Club vs. Kendo Club. The sumo club apparently wants her for equal rights, and the representative tells his opponent to picture Futaba-chan in a mawashi (you know, the little thong-type thing sumo wrestlers wear). When the round begins, it's obvious the Sumo Wrestler has the advantage since he moves VERY fast (his hand breaks the sound barrier and causes a shock wave). When the Kendoist tries to forfeit, Mr. Strike the gym teacher pulls a gun on him and tells him noone's allowed out of the ring until someone dies. So the Kendoist gets back into the ring and tries the "dice 'em strike", but the sumo wrestler jumps up into the air and lands on the kendoist's sword. The wrestler then states that his hands aren't the only fast things, and steps on the kendoist's face while still perched on his sword. The sumo wrestler crushes the kendoist and the Sumo team wins. It then shows a psychotic paint knife-weilding member of the art club in a victory against the vollyeball club, and another psychotic looking person, this time from the handicraft club, in a victory over the tennis club. The next fight we see is Futaba-kun vs. a member of the Manga club. When the fight begins, the manga club member makes the first move by dumping an enormous bottle of ink all over the ring and then dissappearing into it (um, I have nothing to compare this to... possibly like someone sinking very slowly into quicksand, except he had a sly smile on his face). While Futaba-kun's scrambling around looking for the manga guy in the puddle of ink, he sneaks up behind him and tries to stab him with what appears to be an x-acto knife, but Misaki calls out to him from the crowd and tells him to watch out. Futaba delivers a spinning kick to the manga guy's wrist, disarming him. He ponders for a second whether the one that told him to watch out was really Misaki, then he rushes the manga club guy, only to get airbrush ink sprayed into his eyes. This blurs Futaba's vision and causes him to see multiple images of the Manga Club member, throwing off his accuracy. The manga club member is pulling a ruler out of the collar of his coat, and to be able to get an approximation of where he was, Futaba shut his eyes. With them closed, he was able to deliver a knockout kick to the manga club member. Everyone cheers wildly, and Futaba's final thought is "What a scary dude..."
Misaki Joins the Fight!!
The chapter opens with the cheering crowd celebrating Futaba's victory. Futaba wonders if he had heard Misaki, and Misaki is just glad he won. Futaba is getting down off the ring, thinking what a close call it was, when someone tosses him 500 yen. It turns out to be several members of the other clubs, they paid him for getting rid of the Manga guy and his "spooky moves." Futaba tosses it back to them, saying he didn't do it for them. A karate club member pierces the 500-yen piece with his finger and says he's up next. While he's walking up to the ring, Misaki is in the crowd and had watched the ecchange. She was angry over the fact that they had underestimated him, and thought that if he tried his best, he would win Futaba-chan. A mental image is conjured of Futaba-kun holding Futaba-chan in his arms, and Misaki is not happy with it for some reason... She overhears some people grieving over a lost bet against Futaba and is extremely angry. When she turns around to yell at them, she finds Negiri collecting bets. Negiri turns to the ring and points out to everyone that two "real tough guys" were coming up next. The manga switches to the ring and Negiri's commentary about the club members. The Karate Club leader hadn't lost a match since he won the all-Japan jr. title, and Negiri helpfully adds that she once heard he killed a bear in the mountains with his bare hands. Before she can explain the next club member, a rather large bald man with kanjii tatooed up his forehead and carrying a big stone pushes his way through the crowd and slams the stone slab down into the ring. When the Karate Club leader asks if it is his tombstone, the large bald man replies it's just his inkwell and stone (the stone says namuamidabutsu, a buddhist prayer for a peaceful death *loves liner notes*). An announcer states the bald man is from the calligraphy club. The fight starts, and while they're sizing each other up, there's an artist note that they both are high school students (hehe, they look older than my dad) and a liner note saying the kanjii on the Calligraphy club member's forehead reads "one drop of ink..." The Calligraphy club member (hmph. From now on, the Calligraphy club member will be known as the bald man, and the Karate club member will be known as... Karate guy) tells the karate guy he will not win, at which point the Karate guy rushes the bald man. When he goes into a flying kick, the bald man starts rubbing his stone against his inkwell (this is hard to explain if you've never seen a japanese calligraphy set... If you've seen the Ranma 1/2 Tattoo You episodes, it's like the little old guy's inkwell who doles out the mark of the gods). The Karate guy gets angry and goes in for another kick, but the bald man whips out an enormous ink brush and beats the Karate guy to the mat. The crowd cheers wildly and shouts out "Cool! Full contact calligraphy!" While Futaba-kun wants to know what's wrong with them and Misaki disparages over the amount of frightening people that want Futaba-chan in their clubs. The next battle is the Swim club (Misaki's a member) vs. some unidentified girls. The swim club member (a male) passes out after getting a glimpse of the opposing female's panties (I dunno what happens, and I don't think I wanna know... I think he gets distracted by the panties while diving onto the mat and injures... something, he grabs at his groin area and he's laying in a puddle o_O Oh wait, I see what happened now... *shudders* How'd they sneak THAT one past sexy fruit? Good god, I'm scarred for life, my only consolation is that I think the puddle's his tears. Let's just say he was wearing a speedo and he visibly got "excited"). After injuring himself out of the match, the crowd starts booing him and flipping the bird. While the captain of the Swim club is disparing over loosing Futaba-chan so easily, Misaki starts thinking about what would happen if one of the other weirdo clubs got control of Futaba-chan, and gets that mental image of Futaba-kun holding Futaba-chan in his arms again. She volunteers to battle for the swim club, and steps into the ring with a couple of really tough looking girls from the Home Ec club, who use a tag-team tactic. The first one attacks with a large knife, which Misaki dodges and lets run through a hankerchief and easily grabs the girl's wrist. The girl twists free though, shredding her clothing in the process. The one sitting on the ropes laments over the fact Misaki's downwind from her and hasn't sampled her special blend yet. The one weilding the knife and calling herself the "Kitchen Kamikaze" sets into Misaki with her knife again, this time completely shredding her dress. While it appears Misaki will be completely nude when her dress falls away, luckily she's wearing a bathing suit underneath. When the knife woman tries to attack for a third time, Misaki catches her wrist between her elbow and knee, breaking the wrist. She then jumps up and kicks the other member sitting on the ropes out of the ring. When the knife woman wants to know why her paralyzing spice didn't work, Misaki confesses to her swim club lung capacity and holding her breath the entire time. Misaki wins the match since both the members are knocked out of commission. The crowd goes wild. Next up is Evil Mistress Queen X, who wins her fight without any violence when she shows her opponent love letters written to a certain Miss Takane Hirouin with all the spelling and grammar mistakes outlined in red ink. After her match, the pairs for the 2nd round were drawn, and Futaba-kun is pitted against the Gardening club, who won by forfeit last round. When they step into the ring, the little man who appears to be escorting a large fighter unveils a man eating plant and tells the plant, Dancer jr., to get rid of Futaba. Dancer jr. quickly grabs Futaba-kun in it's vines. End Futaba-Kun Change! volume 2 ^_^ (Ironcat is eeeevil wih their suspense, I've been waiting almost 6 months for the next volume compilation ^_^)