Volume Summaries

Futaba-kun Fights to Win!
We rejoin the series with Futaba caught in the clutches of the plant. While struggling, he asks if the plant fighting for the club is even legal. Maki Kojirou steps in and clarifies that it is a collaboration between the gardnening club and the Chemistry club, and insists that it's just like cheering with daikons (whatever those are... it has a pic of a guy waving what appears to be carrots). Mr. Strike, one of the judges allows it because you never know what to expect in battle, and then relates a story about how he was attacked by a madman weilding a frozen banana. A little dissappointed about the ruling, Futaba proceeds to beat up the plant. Meanwhile, Miki Kojirou, the school nurse and Maki's sister, steps in to ask Maki if the plant is poisonous. Maki says it's not poisonous, but it likes to bite people and suck their blood. It cuts back to the battle between the plant and Futaba-kun, where we see the plant clearly winning as it bites him. A bit distraught, Misaki consults her horoscope, which simply says it's a great opportunity to get close to the one she loves, and she will be embraced in his big, manly arms. Unfortunately, even Misaki can see this has no bearing whatsoever on the situation at hand. When Miki wanders aloud if he will be alright (meaning Futaba-kun), Maki happily replies that it takes more than what Futaba's doing to hurt Dancer Jr, misunderstanding her sister entirely. The plant lets go of Futaba and starts to flail around as if injured for some reason, and Futaba-kun sees this as an opening and begins to attack brutally. The guy that came into the ring with the plant begins to protest and grabs hold of Futaba, but Futaba easily throws him off. Unfortunately, Futaba starts letting the excitement get to him and he realizes he's going to change into a girl. As the change is taking place and Futaba is distracted, the plant's mouth engulfs the upper half of his body, which effectively shields his change from the crowd. He desperately tries to calm down while in the plant's mouth so he can get out and not be counted out in a TKO. While he's inside though, he hears the bell signaling the end of the match sound. As he emerges from the plant in his male form, the member of the gardnening club that came into the ring with the plant can be seeing laying on the mat in a dead faint. So the Gardnening club was counted out, and Futaba-kun was declared the winner. Both he and Misaki are relieved. We also see Maki reacting to the fact that the plant has food poisoning, and asking if Futaba's blood was rotten. Miki seems to take this under consideration. Then we see a montage of other battles, including the Sumo Club beating the Calligraphy club and the SFX club beating the Baseball club/team. It switches to Queen X's minions stressing about how to throw the matches in her favor, since the same technique won't work with two different opponents. However, Queen X devises the plan to dress as her normal self and give everyone lemonade with a super laxative in it. All the winners drink it eagerly, much to her delight. We then see Futaba and Miki in the infirmary, where Miki puts the finishing touches on the dressings that cover where the plant bit his shoulder. Upon finishing, she lights a cigarette and tells him he'll be good to fight in the next round, but not to overexert himself. Futaba spots someone lurking shyly in the doorway, and eagerly turns toward the person, assuming it's Misaki. He is mistaken however as Sabuyama-sensei comes running eagerly into his arms and inquiring about his health. Miki looks closely at one of the cottonballs she used to clean Futaba's wound, recalling her sister's earlier comment about his blood being rotten. Suddenly, a rumble is heard in the background as the super laxative takes effect. Back outside, an announcement is made that a lot of people had to forefeit for health reasons, so the semifinals would commence. The first round semifinal was none other than... The Swim Team vs. The Wrestling Club! MISAKI VERSUS FUTABA-KUN!!!
Futaba-kun, Stopped by Love!
As Misaki and Futaba-kun stare each other down, they both are mentally in awe that they would have to fight the person they secretly love. As Futaba-kun wonders if he'll even be able to fight Misaki, Motomura approaches him and tells him what a lucky break he got, a girl would be easy to beat and other such talk about not caring if people call him a bully who beats up girls. The match begins, and for awhile it's just frames of Futaba-kun and Misaki hesitantly touching each other and pulling away and angsting. Futaba-kun's stressed 'cause he knows he's probably gonna transform and have to forefeit the match. As the crowd starts jeering and throwing stuff, Misaki resolves to win the match for fear of the wrestling club winning and Futaba-chan getting whisked away in Futaba-kun's arms. While she daydreams, Futaba-kun grabs her from behind and puts her in a restrictive wrestling hold. Misaki asks if he really wants to win Futaba-chan so badly, and while he fumbles for a reply, she flips him over her back, and when he slams his back down on the mat, she jumps up and does an elbow drop onto his neck. As she prepares to really start beating the crap outta him, she notices the bandage covering up his shoulder wound has come undone and she pulls back in horror. This gives Futaba-kun time to get up and compliment her on her moves. They both stand there staring at each other, Misaki thinking about how she doesn't want to be the one that beats Futaba-kun, Futaba-kun thinks about how he'll change into a girl if he keeps fighting Misaki. Motomura thinks Futaba's hesitating because he's planning something really nasty to do to Misaki, which Futaba-kun vehemently denies. Futaba-kun then breaks the stalemate by running at Misaki and grabbing her shoulders. Misaki makes the decision that she doesn't want to defeat Futaba-kun, and she tells him to just pin her gently. This is too much for poor Futaba-kun, and he yells Forefeit rather loudly as he dashes for one of the changing rooms, thereby making Misaki and the Swimming Club the winners of the match. Motomura is less than pleased. As Misaki lays there on the mat, she ponders how she won, and says that Futaba-chan gave her the strength to win since she thought she saw Futaba-chan's face in place of Futaba-kun's just before he ran off ^_^; The crowd goes wild at Misaki's victory, and Queen X is also less than pleased that Misaki is getting more attention than herself. It switches to Futaba-chan in the changing room trying to catch her breath and wondering how she was supposed to pin Misaki when she cries like she did when she asked Futaba to pin her. Outside, the next round begins between Queen X and the Sumo club representative, who was not effected by the super laxative because of his ability to shed moisture through his skin (we find this out after Queen X wanders aloud as to the effectiveness of the laxative). As Futaba-chan rejoins the crowd, Queen X wins easily by pulling off the Sumo wrestler's mawashi while telling him his fatal mistake was loosing sight of her in a battle. The judges call the match in her favor, saying that since his pants are gone, so is the sumo club. The final match is announced as The Queen of Darkness vs. The Swimming club. Queen X belittles Misaki by telling her that she will humiliate her in the ring, just like everyone else.
Futaba-kun's Unexpected Outcome!
Misaki and Queen X stare each other down, Queen X planning how she will dominate Futaba-chan, and Misaki thinking about how she will free Futaba-chan. The match is announced as starting in a half-hour, and Misaki-chan promises Futaba-chan that she will free her, then goes off looking for Futaba-kun. Apparently, she's not the only one, as we see a very angry Motomura angrily seeking out Futaba-kun as well. Futaba decides to stay a girl awhile to avoid Motomura's wrath, and Misaki wishes she could thank Futaba-kun for the opportunity to fight and says she'll do her best while she walks away from Futaba-chan and to the wrestling ring. Futaba-chan gets an uneasy feeling as she watches her walk away. The match starts, and as the announcer calls the corners, Misaki waves from hers, but Queen X makes a dramatic entrance coming up from the floor of the ring dressed in an elaborate peacock costume, saying she wanted to make her victory more memorable my appearing in all her grandeur. The bell rings, and Misaki charges at Queen X, only to be swatted away by her peacock folding fan, which she swings and yells "Hari-sen!" As Futaba-chan cries out Misaki's name, Queen X slaps some iron bracelets on Misaki's wrists and ankles, challenging her to fight with the added weights. Misaki scoffs and says she's in great shape as she makes another run at Queen X. Queen X isn't worried though, she mutters something about Misaki being under her control and claps her hands, and Misaki hits the floor and can't get back up, complaining about the weight of her limbs. Queen X makes her suffer a little more by clapping her hands and making Misaki's limbs go every which way (there's some male fanservice in these panels...), and Misaki is completely baffled as to why she can't control her own body. The scene switches to underneath the ring, where Queen X's lackeys are complaining about not getting any respect, and when they hear another signal, they slide around some giant horshoe magnets that are hanging from the floor of the ring over their heads. It goes back to Misaki, who's still struggling for control of her body. Futaba-chan finally comes to her senses, realizing that the only reason Misaki is being put through that torture is for Futaba-chan. Futaba-chan runs up to the ring as Queen X goes to deliver the final blow. She yells that the tournament has gone far enough, but Queen X threatens to rip all of Misaki's clothes off if Futaba-chan comes any closer. She tells Futaba-chan to hold on while she finishes up with Misaki. She tries to get Misaki to admit defeat, but even after being put through all the torture of having her limbs manipulated in every which way, she absolutely refuses. Queen X gets mad and Futaba-chan rushes her after being inspired by Misaki's bravery. She uses Motomura's head as a springboard and knocks Queen X out of the ring, defeating her. Then she makes a loud proclamation declaring that she will decide for herself which club she'd like to join. The crowd then demands to know which club she's going to choose. Futaba-chan squirms uncomfortably as she tries to make up her mind, but then Motomura comes up from behind and says that she's chosen the Wrestling team since she called him captain while using his face as a springboard. She weakly consents to this, at which point Motomura throws her over his shoulder and carries her out of the ring. Misaki chan muses that she'll be on the same team as Futaba-chan, and the rest of the school runs after Motomura, begging Futaba-chan to reconsider and declaring that she didn't make the decision herself. And that's how Futaba Shimeru became the first girl to join the wrestling team ^_^
Futaba-kun Pays a Visit to Misaki's!
Things are returning to normal at Komatane High School after the fight for Futaba-chan, we see a quaint scenes of life around Komatane centering around the players in the fight. The one we're concerned with though is the akward tension that continues between Misaki and Futaba-kun. It goes to their gym class, where Futaba has converted to female form. Misaki, out of the blue, asks her over to her house that night after school to eat dinner with her. Futaba eagerly agrees. Negiri approaches Futaba and warns her of Misaki's home cooking, but Futaba simply drools lakes at the thought. While daydreaming about her cooking, Futaba gets hit in the face with a volleyball... hard. As her and Misaki are leaving school awhile later, she discovers that one of her teeth broke. They arrive at Misaki's house, and she takes Futaba right to her room. Misaki leaves Futaba in the room to go get tea, and Futaba's mind wanders to the daily activities that Misaki does in the room: "This is where she sleeps, changes her clothes, studies... sleeps... sits... changes her clothes... changes..." Eventually she gains control of her thoughts (Misaki's clothes kept getting less and less ^_^). She lays her head down on a pillow and recognizes Misaki's scent, the same scent as she detected when s/he had Misaki in all the wrestling holds the day before, and of course her mind wanders again to Misaki's "hold me gently" line. Then she starts to wish she was a guy, so he and Misaki could be alone together... But then she regains control of her thoughts again and yells "I've got to stop this!" just as Misaki enters the room. Of course Futaba avoided her question about what she was stopping ^_^ Misaki had brought snacks, but they were all chocolate/sugary sweets. Futaba picks up a bonbon and eats it, despite the fact she doesn't like chocolate. After biting down, she remembers her broken tooth since immense pain shot through her jaw. Futaba turns to the tea tray to wash down the sugar with tea, but all she saw was sugar, thinking Misaki had forgotten the teacups and mistakenly brought that instead. Her pleasant thoughts about Misaki's cuteness come to an abrupt stop when Misaki begins pouring tea into one of the sugar containers and drinks it, and declares it good ^_^. Futaba recoils in suprise, and Misaki comments that Negiri reacted the same way. When asked, Misaki claims she doesn't really like sweets, but has been eating a lot more since she started swimming. Then Misaki gets serious and asks Futaba-chan for a favor. She says that Futaba-kun has been avoiding her lately, and she doesn't think he really likes her. Futaba-chan forcefully reassures her, telling her there's no way he doesn't like her. Futaba-chan kinda pins Misaki to the floor while she tells her this, and Misaki briefly sees Futaba-kun's face since she was in the same position with him in the fight yesterday. Misaki thanks Futaba-chan, the sits up and tells her since both she and male Futaba are on the wrestling team, Futaba-chan must find out if he really likes her or not. Futaba-chan seems a little put off by this for some reason, so Misaki downgrades it to just finding out why he avoids her. Since Futaba-chan looks a little shook up, Misaki gives her some tea, which she eagerly drinks. Of course, the sugar hurts her tooth severely again, and she ends up dropping the cup in suprise and spilling it all over her uniform. Misaki insists that she wash it, so Futaba-chan ends up in the bathtub. She's rather pleased to find out that Misaki liked her so much, but then starts to worry about what would happen if she ever found out that she was actually a he, and pictures her getting VERY angry. "She" also turns into a "he" while pondering this. He starts to wonder how he's supposed to date her without letting her in on this important tidbit. In the middle of his thoughts, Misaki interrupts him to tell him his clothes and dinner are ready. He panics and tries to organize his thoughts, but cant, and ends up passing out. When Misaki gets no response, she opens the bathroom door and screams. The next panel shows Futaba-chan laying on the couch wrapped in a towel, Misaki showering her with worry about how she passed out in the tub ^_^. Futaba-chan silently rejoices as they sit down to a dinner of curry. She takes a bite, and a scream can be heard reverberating throughout the building from outside. Negiri, in a separate thought, says that Misaki's curry is sweeter than Shiruko, and just the thought of it made her sick.
Naughty Finger Magic
God I loved this chapter ^_^. It opens with Misaki riding the train pondering why today's sweets aren't sweet enough anymore, and she is groped by a Chikan (public nuisance, perverts in general). The expression on her face is priceless. She tells Negiri in school the next day, and Futaba-kun listens in. Negiri is distraught over the fact that Misaki let him do it for free, while Futaba gets rather irked by the fact that a complete stranger had his hands all over Misaki. The accompaning picture is quite humerous as well. Futaba wonders where she was groped, "up there, down there, or... around there?" with helpful nude illustrations of Misaki for his mind's eye. He curses the groping pervert, to which an alligator Aro comments that he envies him. Futaba kicks poor Aro off in the next panel. Meanwhile, Negiri is asking Misaki how it felt, saying some guys had "magic fingers." Misaki gets rather offended at Negiri's curiosity, saying she wouldn't want to talk about it if it were her. Negiri says that she wants to know 'cause noone would bother to grope someone like herself. Misaki admits that she got chills when he rubbed her butt, and starts to demonstrate, but then catches herself and explains in a rather verbal manner that he dissappeared after she scratched the hell out of his hand. She then looks across the room at Futaba-kun and asks him if he'd do it too, and he agrees. She then realizes that he's there, then asks him if he'd been standing there the whole time. So she throws Negiri at him and runs away. Negiri just fantasizes about making money off her arm strength. It then goes to Futaba riding the subway after getting conned into picking up Futana's stuff. Unfortunately, he drops his bag (inside are clothes in case of a sudden gender switch). It slides away a bit, and when he grabs hold of it and stands up, he accidentally flips up a girl's skirt with the bag as he picks it up. He backs away from the shrieking girl, stumbling and catching himself on somebody. Whe he looks to see who, he finds himself holding a very angry woman's breast. In his current position, he's so jammed into the crowd his feet aren't touching the ground, and as he squirms, he unfortunately only succeeds in opening the woman's blouse and grabbing her bra. he realizes he's just like a chikan, and he lets go of the woman. Unfortunately, at that moment, the train stops and he goes face first into that woman's chest. The woman throws him across the car, then people trample him as he lies on the floor and they get out. He gets trodden on by a high heel, and as he sits up, his face goes into the crotch of a girl wearing a skirt. After the train ride, he's pretty roughed up and has to clean himself off in the bathroom. He says it's his unlucky day, but then admits that that train ride was pretty wild. He arrives successfully at the store to be greeted by a guy with a massive afro and sideburns who has his assistant show Futaba (now a girl) a lovely dress that converts into a tuxedo. The 70's guy gives her that dress and some casual suits, and as she leaves, Futaba-chan notices an astronaut walk in with his space shuttle outside, proving the store slogan "from kid's clothes to spacesuits" correct ^_^. She rides back on a train which is still far too crowded. She complains about the lack of space, then is suddenly... GROPED BY A CHIKAN! She gets chills down her spine and starts to moan, drawing stares from the other passengers. She begins to wonder why it's happening to her, and upon catching her reflection in the window, she realizes she's cute. The chikan is still groping, and he gets bolder as he lifts her skirt, but that's where Futaba-chan draws the line, so she turns around and forcefully says "Shame on you." It sends the chikan running ot the other end of the car. Good for Futaba-chan! Unfortunately, after this victory, her bags break and it sends her for another scramble at the floor. As she's retrieving them, the train stops and starts again, and somehow she ends up tied to the top railing of the train witht the bag strings. Unfortunately, noone helps her, and I'll swear to my dying day that one of the passengers on the train is Burt from Sesame Street. Futaba recounts this to his sister later, and she just laughs hysterically. Futaba yells at Futana because it was HER stuff he was getting, and she says she couldn't do it because someone on the train had scratched her yesterday (her hand was heavily bandaged). Futaba has a bad feeling...
Futaba-kun's Doubt!
The wrestling team is practicing with their newest member Futaba-chan, and are lamenting the fact that Futaba-kun isn't there. Misaki is watching from afar, and asks in school (in the bathroom, of course) whether or not Futaba-chan remembered the promise she made. Futaba-chan forgot about it because of the toothache, but told Misaki she didn't get a chance because it made her uncomfortable to be the only girl on the wrestling team. Misaki justifies this by telling her that she'd start attending wrestling practice too. Futaba-chan agrees, but then wants to know why they must discuss this while squatting on either side of a floor toilet (force of habit ^_^). At practice, Misaki hides behind a tree while Futaba-chan practices very liberally with the guys causing many a nosebleed from Chima. Misaki starts to wonder if she'll be doing this with Futaba-kun everyday, so she goes and gets Futaba-chan and drags her back to the tree to ask if that's how she'll practice everyday, and when Futaba-chan answers yes, Misaki says to call it a day and tries to get her to subtly understand that she doesn't want Futaba-chan putting wrestling moves on Futaba-kun. Misaki then notices a spot of blood on Futaba-chan's gym shorts, but Futaba-chan says it's not hers and begins to run back to practice. Misaki-chan urgently grabs hold of her waistband and says it'll stain but only succeeds in ripping the gym shorts right off Futaba-chan in front of the three guys, causing a 3-way nosebleed. Misaki apologises profusely to Futaba-chan as they make their way home, offering Futaba-chan her own shorts. Futaba-chan declines, and instead takes Misaki to his house. Misaki naturally wants to see her room, and Futaba-chan allows her so she doesn't think she's mad. They catch Futana-kun coming out of the shower, but Futana immediately goes back into the room when he recognizes Misaki from somewhere. Futaba-chan doesn't want to bring Misaki into her boy's room, so she takes her to Futana's room. However, Misaki doesn't make it through the door since Futaba-chan walked in and saw it was decorated floor to ceiling with posters of nude women. Futaba then reluctantly brings Misaki to her room, but when Misaki uses the bathroom, Futaba-chan cleans it up pretty good, making it apparently genderless. Misaki comments that Futaba-chan sometimes doesn't seem like a female at all. Futaba-chan leaves her in the room to go get drinks, and Misaki starts flipping though photo albums, curious as to the apparent lack of any children that look like Futaba. Futaba-chan comes back (after Futana told him to watch out for Misaki's nails -_^) and tries to divert her attention away from the photos, but at the same time her entire male wardrobe spills out of her closet. To drastically divert Misaki's attention, Futaba-chan hugs her and drives her to the floor. Luckily, Futaba-chan's father breaks into the room. The next panel shows Misaki leaving, and Futaba lets out a sigh of relief and turns back into a male. Misaki glances back over her shoulder from outside, and spies none other than Futaba-kun in Futaba-chan's room! Oh no! It's the end of volume 3!