Volume Summaries

A Threat to Futaba-kun!!
Two girls, who we find out are Anzu and Karin Konishiki, show up at Komatane high for a showdown. When sand blows through the deserted campus, they start to wonder what's wrong. Anzu finally determines that it's Sunday, and there is no school on Sundays. She is then yelled at by Karin for choosing that day because they were off school. They gather a crowd, and an embarrassed Karin declares that their lives have been spared that day and walks away. Meanwhile, it cuts to a daydreaming Misaki, who is wondering why Futaba-kun was in Futaba-chan's room. At the same time, Futaba-kun is wondering how he will ask Misaki out since he turns into a girl around her. Sabuyama-sensei observes Futaba-kun staring off into space and thinks about how lovely he is. When he looks over at Misaki doing the same thing, he yells aloud about daydreaming in his class. Futaba-kun thinks Sabuyama-sensei was yelling at him, and even when Sabuyama-sensei gives him a way out of it, he still admits to it and is punished with Misaki. They both stand out in the hallway and angst for awhile, and finally Misaki gets around to asking if Futaba-chan said anything to him about her. They both stumble on their words as the subject moves to why Futaba-kun was in Futaba-chan's room. Futaba-kun realizes he shouldn't have admitted to being in Futaba-chan's room, and when he realizes he's getting himself in trouble, he starts to change and runs off before Misaki sees him. He goes to the men's room to recover, and while pondering his stupidity, Karin grabs him from behind and starts demanding he tell her what she needs to know. Unfortunately, she kinda beats him around awhile before Anzu shows up and explains that Karin hasn't told him what exactly it is she wanted to know. Karin then beats up Anzu for humiliating her, and the two start fighting. Karin quickly remembers that she was antagonizing Futaba, then goes back to beating him up for information ^_^; Sabuyama-sensei intervenes, and he is promptly thrown out the window by both sisters. Finally, Karin starts asking Futaba-kun REAL questions. Unfortunately, they ask who beat up Mai-chan in the tournaments, and Futaba has no idea who Mai-chan is. They tell him he was defeated in the recent tournament they held at the school, and they had come to take on the girl that had defeated Mai-chan and avenge the humiliation they had suffered the previous day. Unfortunately, Karin can't really remember what went on the previous day, and the two start to fight and draw a crowd. Mai-chan, who turns out to be the resident large sumo wrestler, tries to break up the bickering sisters, but he is told it wasn't his problem and is thron out the window, landing directly on Sabuyama-sensei ^_^; Anzu then asks who beat up Mai-chan, and since it was Queen X (wearing a mask), Futaba-kun doesn't know who it was. The sisters settle on defeating the last one standing in the tournament. Motomura intervenes, saying the last match was between Futaba Shimeru (female) and Misaki Shima. He volunteers Futaba-chan to fight the sisters, and when Futaba-kun protests to two girls against one, Misaki steps up and reveals that she's joined the wrestling team.
Futaba-kun and the Too-Sweet Pair!
Futaba and Motomura angst over Misaki joining the wrestling team. The sumo guy, Mai-chan, comes up and begs his sisters to stop, but they just kinda beat him up and throw him out the window onto Sabuyama-sensei, which scares Futaba-kun and Misaki-chan. Futaba-kun begs misaki chan to reconsider, but she says she's going to wrestle the two sisters so she can spend more time with Futaba-kun. She gets kind of embarassed that she let that slip, then lets her mind wander back to when she saw Futaba-kun in Futaba-chan's room at the end of the last volume, and she wonders what's going on between them. Meanwhile, Motomura and Karin are bickering about when to have the match, and Karin wins out because she won't remember to come back the next day to wrestle. Motomura consents to this, then tells Futaba-kun that he will be Misaki's partner. Anzu realizes that they'll be fighting a boy and that Futaba-kun has an unfair adbantage, but instead of yelling at Motomura, Karin starts beating up Anzu for not telling her sooner about the disadvantage. Motomura asks Futaba-kun if he can make up for his loss in the last tournament, to which Futaba-kun asks why it has to be him that wrestles with Misaki-chan. Since Chima gets too excited around girls, and Takeru gets way too carried away, Motomura says it has to be Futaba-kun since he could not suffer the humiliation of loosing to the sisters. Later, Takane Hirouin, still in class, gets wind of the challenge between The twins and our favorite couple, and she gets mad and yells to her lackeys to go to the club room. It switches to Misaki-chan in the bathroom looking at her Horoscope, which isn't much help since it says just to be active and that she will get closer to the one she likes (also, her lucky items are Makibishi and blow darts ^_^). Misaki wonders if she did the right thing, then decides that she did as she dresses into her swimsuit and decides it's always good to be around Futaba-kun. At the ring, a crowd forms, which puzzles Misaki. She meets up with Negiri, who is selling concessions, in the crowd. Negiri cheers her on, but tells her not to finish her match until she's sold all her food ^_^ She meets Futaba-kun by the ringside, and they share an awkward moment before Misaki pulls out her little bento and offers it to Futaba-kun. Futaba-kun kinda flips out when he sees the contents, many, MANY sugary treats, and he remembers how sugary ALL of Misaki's cooking is. Before he gets the chance to say anything in reguard to the Bento, Mai-chan comes up and offers the pair some advice: his sisters are both extremely violent and extremely dumb, and they make a frightening combination because they fear nothing. While he says this, we watch the pair walk into the crowd, and suddenly Anzu spots the goodies that Negiri is selling, and she kinda drools and is lured to the food. Karin grabs her and drags her back, but then falls victim to the food's allures herself and has to be drug back by Anzu. Mai-chan explains that they gain weight easily and are on a strict diet. Remember that :p The sisters are shown drenched in sweat from the effort of keeping away from the food (you didn't REALLY need to know that, but it's a really gross image). Mai-chan tells Futaba-kun and Misaki to be careful and turns around and walks away, at which point he reveals Sabuyama-sensei stuck in his back, stuck there from when Konishiki landed on him after being hurled out the window. Sabuyama-sensei puts in his two cents of worry about Futaba-kun, and then the match begins, Anzu against Misaki. The two trot into the ring, and Anzu immediately delivers a very powerful kick that Misaki barely has time to dodge (she suffers a cut to the cheek from it). Everyone yells out in surprise but Mai-chan, who tries to warn Misaki about one of Anzu's rapid kick attacks. His warning comes too late though, as Misaki sustains some damage from the attack. Anzu is very excited about the attack, but then forgot to stand, and winds up on her back in the ring, just kind of in a kicking flurry. Anzu marvels over her amazing power of realizing she forgot to stand, but Karin interrupts her with a chop to the head and a reprimand about staying on task. Futaba-kun yells to Misaki to tag him while to two sisters fight, but when Misaki turns to deliver the tag, Anzu kicks her from behind, slicing her body all over. The straps to her swimsuit were also cut, exposing her breasts to Futaba-kun in the middle of the tag (well, she exposed herself to the audience, too :p). Futaba-kun finds himself focusing on Misaki's breasts instead of the match, and Anzu and Karin doubleteam him while he's off in dreamland. The pair start to bounce off the ropes and try some individual attacks that he dodges, but they get a double attack in that knocks him out of the ring and through one of the windows in the school. Misaki finds herself all alone, and with a ripped swimsuit, against Karin Konishiki. Principal Hirouin watches the shaming and suffering of Misaki from a fire staircase high up on the school, and reveals himself in full costume, but before he can announce his personae for the volume he is knocked down the stairs by none other than Takane Hirouin, dressed as Queen X. She rants for a moment about her superiority, but before she can get too far into herself she too is knocked down the stairs by a darkened form who vaults from the stairway and into the ring. Why, it's none other than Futaba-chan!
Misaki-chan Change!?
So the crowd starts cheering wildly for our Futaba-chan, but Futaba soon finds out it's more because of her skimpy wrestling outfit. She has bigger problems though when Karin Konishiki picks up on the fact that Futaba-chan actually turned into a girl and really WAS the same person as the guy. Futaba-chan starts yelling at her, telling Karin she's not like that, but Misaki-chan interrupts her and asks if Futaba-kun is all right. Futaba-chan assures her he is, which causes Misaki to again question the relationship between the two Futabas and Futaba-chan to go all floaty and start wishing she could tell Misaki how she feels. She says it hurts so much her chest is tightening... but it turns out that's just Anzu testing to see if she's a real girl :p Anzu says she can see that the two Futabas are different, then she makes a comment about her sister being blind and starts charging toward Futaba-chan. However, offended by the blindness remark, Karin trips Anzu from behind the ropes and the two start to bicker. Futaba-chan tells Misaki to fix her suit while they were distracted, then quickly charges the pair, knocking Karin off the ring completely and managing to put Anzu in a leg lock. The crowd starts cheering, and Futaba tells herself that she needs to subdue Anzu's legs and Karin's arms or she's in trouble, thinking back to when they launched her male self out of the ring and realizing the attack could have been lethal had his body not been turned at a slight angle. The action leaves Futaba-chan and focuses on the male Konishiki, who is watching the ring and still has Sabuyama-sensei in his back. Sabuyama-sensei is begging to go see how Futaba-kun is after crashing through the window. Konishiki doesn't really want to leave the match though, so instead of going into the school himself, he tries another attempt at getting Sabuyama-sensei out of his back. Much like when he was fighting and expelled the water from his skin, he plugged his nose and started concentrating REALLY hard or flexing or something, and successfully sent Sabuyama-sensei flying through a crowd of people and into the wall of the school. Meanwhile, Futaba-chan still has Anzu in a leg lock. Anzu musters all her strength and flips Futaba-chan off, thinking to herself that the leg lock was as strong as a man's. She turns angrily to Karin and asks why she wasn't backing her up, but finds Karin drooling over Negiri's goodies. Anzu busts her one in the head, and they start to bicker again. They determine that Anzu actually tagged Karin, and Karin goes in to fight Futaba-chan. However, when the two start to fight, Anzu falls into the same trap of drooling over the goodies that Karin did, and Karin has to save Anzu from drowning in her own drool, since she had her head tipped up and the drool was staying in her mouth. Futaba-chan seizes the opportunity of the fight yet again and grabs Karin around the torso and squeezes to subdue her arms, Karin thinking to herself that the grip had the strength of a man's. Futaba-chan has problems of her own though, since the arm lock puts Futaba-chan's face directly in between Karin's boobs, and Futaba-chan is quite enjoying herself. She begins to adjust her grip to enjoy it more, but Karin seizes the opportunity when the grip loosens to clobber Futaba-chan, but Anzu saves the day by flying in from above and kicking Karin squarely in the head, saying that she wouldn't let Futaba-chan hurt her. The two start to bicker about how Anzu's timing sucks, then make up, saying that it was their excellent teamwork that saved Karin from the opponent's grasp ^_^; Futaba-chan was injured when the kick was delivered, and she's regretting it since she sensed the kick but couldn't pull herself from the cleavage. Suddenly, Anzu and Karin charge Futaba-chan simultaneously. Meanwhile, Misaki is putting the finishing touches on her suit repairs, then picks up her bento and realizes that Futaba-kun never got a chance to eat it. But while she's holding the bento, Futaba-chan comes flying out of the ring, knocked out by the two sisters, and lands squarely on Misaki in a spray of blood, sending the bento flying. The two sisters can't resist the sugary sweet contents of the bento fying through the air and snatch up all the contents before it hits the ground. Unfortunately, they DO gain weight easily. The two gir's figures instantly revert to that of giant sumo wrestlers, identical to their brother Mai-chan. Completely embarrassed (especially since this transformation ruined their wrestling suits), they flee the match and the school grounds. Motomura takes it as a forefit, and declares the wrestling team the winners of the match. Futaba-chan is sitting in wide-eyed amazement on the outskirts of the ring, thinking "Never underestimate the power of Misaki's bento." Then she realizes that Misaki is badly injured from when the two collided, since she is laying unconscious in a pool of blood. The two went to the infirmary, where Nurse Kojiro tells Futaba-chan that Misaki is anemic, and that she needs to produce more blood. Misaki was still unconscious, but had recieved a blood transfusion from Futaba-chan along with some medicine to help her body produce more. Nurse Kojiro tells Futaba-chan to rest 5th period in the room and turns to examine Misaki while Futaba-chan watches and gets a charge out of the fact that her blood is flowing through Misaki-chan's veins ^_^ The bells ring to dismiss school, and Takane and Principal Hirouin meet in the halls all bandaged up, telling each other that they had an accident, both still oblivious to the other's alterego. The heavily bandaged Sabuyama-sensei also walks past, saying that he is now giving up on Futaba-kun. Back at the infirmary, Misaki-chan wakes up and begins to wonder what happened to her. She sits up and when the sheet slips down she realizes she's not dressed, then further realizes that she appears to be male ^_^
Misaki-chan's Mysterious Male Body!?
So... yea. Misaki is a man. ALL the way. For the sake of convienience, I'm going to continue to use the pronoun "she" to refer to Misaki, since we know Misaki best as a girl. Anyway, she keeps doubting herself, but grabs hold and squeezes, and when it hurts, she figures it must be and starts wondering what happened to her body. Futaba-chan comes in to see how she is, and Misaki asks her if she'd seen her body, but realizes that Nurse Kojiro was the only one doing the treatment. Futaba-chan offers to walk Misaki home, and when Misaki declines Futaba-chan tells her that she's glad Misaki's OK, that her heart sank when she relized that Misaki had lost so much blood. When Misaki gets home, she strips naked and opens her eyes in front of a mirror and finds that she's still naked (rather funny... whenever they show Misaki's naked male body, there's a man symbol covering up the relevent bits :p). Misaki begins to wonder how it happened, her mind flying through all the superstitous things she does religiously and wondering if she did one of those wrong. She also wonders if it was because she joined the wrestling team, and her eyes stray over to her suit and she realizes she won't be able to wear it again. Then she starts to flip out and go through her wardrobe and determining if she can still wear things. When she finishes, she says that she'll just have to pad her bra for now so that she can still see Futaba-kun. Then she realizes that she won't be able to have a relationship with him and gets quite upset ^_^; A dream sequence from Misaki cues after this where school had started the next day and Futaba-kun was showering Misaki-chan with praise about the match the day before. Futaba-kun says that he loves Misaki, and the two draw close and prepare for a kiss... but then Misaki is suddenly naked and Futaba-kun says that he didn't know that Misaki was a guy. He tells Misaki that he just wants to be friends and goes across the room. Misaki starts to chase him, but Futaba-chan calls out from behind her and tells her that no matter what gender Misaki is, she still likes her that Misaki will always have her. The two embrace and Futaba-chan tells Misaki that she loves her. This causes Misaki to wake with a start and she wonders what she's dreaming about. Then she realizes she's got other problems when she looks at her sheet and realizes that "it" had gotten all stiff and swollen :p She doesn't understand why though, she just thinks she's sick. She reaches out and grabs it to see if it's ok, and doesn't understand what she's feeling then either. She wonders if that's what a guy's body is all about, then she gets a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Once she finishes (she comments that it took awhile :p), she sees that it was back to normal and thinks about how odd that is. So she goes to school and angsts because she feels weird about going in a male body. Futaba-chan approaches her and asks if she's OK, to which Misaki gets defensive and asks why. Futaba-chan begins to give a concerned explanation, but Misaki remembers the dream from the night before, gets embarrassed, and tells Futaba-chan not to worry. She realizes that her dream is making her shy around Futaba-chan to the point that she can't even look her in the eye, but she begins to doubt herself and wonders if she's always had an interest in Futaba-chan :p So later, the girls are in gym class playing volleyball. Misaki hopes that noone will spot that she's a man through her tight shorts, but her thoughts are interrupted when a volleyball comes straight for her. Futaba-chan somehow ends up colliding with her (to stop the ball? to push Misaki out of the way? to shield Misaki?), and asks if she's OK. Something is triggered in Misaki, and she pulls Futaba-chan into an embrace to her on the ground. Futaba-chan is wondering what's going on, but Misaki realizes what she's doing and kinda lets go and rolls away from Futaba-chan, reeeealy embarrassed. Futaba-chan notices that Misaki's pads have caved in, and she is just about to ask, but Misaki runs away from the gym after she spies them too. It switches to the Infirmary, where Nurse Kojiro sits bored. Misaki comes in and explains her problem, which Nurse Kojiro does not believe, seeing as how she was female when she did the examination the previous day. But she has Misaki remove her shirt anyway, revealing... da-dum!... her breasts. Misaki puts her hands on them, then looks down her pants and find the other parts missing, then starts to jump around happily without a shirt and wearing only a pair of tight gym shorts ^_^; Nurse Kojiro just watches, somewhat jaded but perhaps with something on her mind ^_^;
Futaba-kun's Forbidden Colors
This chapter opens with a new character introducing herself. Sheena O'Oka. She tells us that she has a crush on someone, and that they watched this person fight in the wrestling tournament (we see a flashback of Futaba-kun and Misaki-chan together) and that they were so cool (Sheena kinda talks like a really ditzy girl, keep that in mind). She tells us that she thought it over and over in her mind, came up with a plan, and that she will propose today at school. Meanwhile, back in Sabuyama-sensei's homeroom, Negiri asks Misaki if she has a cold, because her voice sounds different. Misaki quickly feels her chest and crotch and realizes that she's a man again. Negiri watches her do this and suggests to Misaki to check her throat and forehead instead if she suspects a cold. Misaki puts her hand on her throat to humor Negiri and finds an Adam's apple :p Negiri starts to get really concerned and tells her to sit down, because she looks very pale, and Misaki tells her that she might be coming down with something. Negiri then trys to sell her some cold remedy ^_^; Futaba-kun watches this from across the room and gets very concerned about Misaki being sick. Negiri yells across the room to Futaba-kun to take Misaki-chan to the Nurse's office (she says it's because he's "Mr. Health"). Misaki starts to protest, but Negiri just winks at her and tells her that she knows how she feels about Futaba-kun and that it would be a perfect opportunity for the two of them to be together. Misaki begins to worry that Futaba-kun might find out that she's currently a man, and Futaba-kun starts to worry about getting excited and turning into a female in front of Misaki-chan. He begins to protest, to which Negiri asks if he doesn't really want to take Misaki. However, the three are interrupted by a protest from Sheena, the girl we met earlier. She wanders up to the group, looks up, and embraces Misaki, asking her to be Sheena's one and only (Sheena also refers to herself in the third person a lot). Everyone's kinda freaked out about this. Most of all Misaki. She asks Sheena what she means, and Sheena verifies that she'd like to have a special relationship with Misaki. Futaba-kun says it sounds like a marriage proposal, to which Sheena says that men are dirty and violent and she hates them, sticking her tongue out pretty far at Futaba-kun. She turns back to Misaki and asks her if they can grow their love together. Misaki tells her that it seems rather one sided, but Sheena asks if she's already engaged to someone else, and when Misaki tells her no, Sheena says it's a done deal. The class president tries to straighten things out, but Negiri clobbers him, telling him not to complicate things. Then there's a spot where Aro-san's lamenting the fact that he's gotten stuck with this storyline ^_^; Negiri then speaks up and says they ought to hurry and get Misaki to the infirmary, and Sheena says she'll take care of it. This angers Futaba-kun, who tells her that it's his job. They begin to stare each other down, and Misaki, Sheena, and Futaba-kun all end up crashing through the door of the infirmary, fighting amongst themselves. Nurse Kojiro is rather angry and tells them all it had better be serious. Misaki tells her that the symptoms from the previous day are back, and Nurse Kojiro kicks Sheena and Futaba-kun out so that Misaki will show her. This time, Nurse Kojiro sees that Misaki is a man. She talks about how sometimes people's genders changed as they got older as she reaches into Misaki's underwear and grabs hold. When Misaki cries out, she makes a comment about how it works ^_^; The Nurse takes a blood sample and when Misaki asks about what to do, Nurse Kojiro tells her that she can go back to class for now. Misaki, however, was talking about something else. Nurse Kojiro looks, and tells her if she strokes it, it'll go away. Misaki gets embarrassed and asks how she's supposed to go about doing that. Nurse Kojiro asks her if she'd like her to do it for her, but Misaki goes speechless and tells her no. Nurse Kojiro, having a good time, asks her what the problem was since it should feel really good. Misaki starts yelling about how she doesn't want it to become a habit, then, realizing that the Nurse is just teasing her, tells her to cut it out. Futaba-kun has been listening at the infirmary window outside the whole time, and is dumbstruck by the fact that Misaki has become a man, then realizes it was probably his blood that did it to her. He imagines Misaki finding out it was his blood, the sequence consisting of her yelling at him and him falling off a cliff marked "pits of the Earth" :p He gets a strange freaked out look on his face and realizes he must do something. It switches to Misaki, who wonders about what would happen if her ailment didn't get better and Futaba-kun found out, and has a sequence identical to the one Futaba-kun had on the previous page, and with an identical reaction ^_^; She walks down the hallway, telling herself that she must lay low for the time being, but is sought out by Sheena. Sheena starts gushing and worrying about her, and when Misaki replies that she's fine, Sheena tells her she loves the deep voice of hers and that she also knows a good cure for colds, at which point she jumps up and steals a kiss. She justifies this by telling her it's easiest to get rid of a cold by giving it away. Misaki realizes that Sheena is quite truly touched ^_^ Sheena asks that Misaki give her more, and Misaki tells her to stop because everyone is staring, to which Sheena replied that they ought to go someplace quiet. Misaki told her finally no, and that she was glad that Sheena was interested in her, but she really wasn't into that kind of thing. Sheena thinks about it a minute, and then realizes that Misaki must want Sheena to show her how its done ^_^; Misaki tells her no and to stop being a pest, but as she's turning away from Sheena she runs smack into Futaba-chan and they both wind up on the floor. Misaki, realizing it's Futaba-chan, thinks back to when they hugged the previous day and gets embarrassed. Sheena then starts yelling about how Misaki lied about not being into "that sort of thing", because the way she looks at Futaba-chan is the way you'd look at someone you love. Misaki and Futaba-chan have their own separate thoughts about that (Misaki questions whether or not she really loves Futaba-chan and Futaba-chan questioning whether Misaki is in love with her female self), then Miskai yells at Sheena for saying such things. Misaki also wonders if she's getting manly emotions because of her new body. Futaba-chan starts to think more indepth about male Misaki loving her and how she'd really hate her if she found out that the two halves of her body are one, but then starts to have thoughts about it not being so bad to be loved by a girl... but then is interrupted by Sheena telling her that she can tell by the look on her face that she really likes Misaki, which freaks out Futaba-chan. Sheena then gets defensive about Misaki, saying that Misaki belonged to her and that they'd kiss and before long they'd be doing some more wild stuff. Misaki yells that the lunchbreak is over, but Sheena happily trots away, saying that she didn't care as long as she got what she wanted. Then there's an awkward silence between Futaba-chan and Misaki ^_^; That's broken by a clap of thunder, which scared Misaki into jumping into Futaba-chan's arms. Misaki pulls away quickly and hopes that Futaba-chan didn't feel her "manly parts", while Futaba-chan ponders about how she really did feel something and Misaki must really be a man. It then switches back to the infirmary, where Nurse Kojiro has found something "very interesting", the scene made perfect by the atmospherics raging outside.
Futaba-kun Hunting!?
The discovery that Miki Kojiro found in the last chapter was a unique element in Misaki's blood that matched a unique element that she found in Futaba Shimeru's blood. She doesn't know what it is, but she's sure it caused Misaki's manly problems. She then gets excited because the World that she's created will soon come to pass. She begins laughing maniacally, and is soon joined in by Sheena-chan. When Nurse Miki asks who she is, Sheena introduces herself and says that she just came for some chloroform. Miki gives it to her, tells her to read the directions and sends her on her merry way. When Nurse Miki finally realizes that she'd just given her an anestetic, Sheena is already long gone, so she has to run after her. While the lab is empty, Nurse Miki's sister, the science teacher Maki Kojiro, comes to ask if she had any medicine for her Oodori #2 (also known as "Dancer Junior" :p). When she realizes that noone's there, she makes an interesting discovery about some data that Miki left up on her computer screen. The next day at school, Futaba finds himself in a fix. He thinks about what his father told him about always keeping the family secret because they didn't know what kind of trouble it would cause and he would most likely get kicked out of the family if he told anyone. He's upset because he can't tell his parents about his problem, but then when he considers telling his sister, he realizes she'd most likely want to try injecting her blood into someone ^_^; While he's thinking, the bell rings to start his next class, and he joins everyone else in the science lab. Maki Kojiro, their teacher, tells them that they were going to try something different today, and asks for Futaba-kun's help. He gives Maki his arm and continues to think about his problem, but Misaki, being the kind girl she is, stands up and warns Futaba-kun about what Maki's doing, which is preparing to stick his arm with a giant needle with a canister and hose attached to it. He gets angry with Miss Kojiro, who assures him that she was just going to take a few pints of blood, and it wouldn't hurt because he's young. They argue about him doing it (he's pretty sure he'd die if she took that much ^_^), and when he flat-out refuses, she sicks Revised Oodori #2, which humans are powerless against, on him. It's still suffering from its pollen allergy and sneezing, though ^_^; A chase scene ensues involving Futaba-kun, Revised Oodori #2, and Maki Kojiro holding a giant needle running through the halls of the school. Miki Kojiro notices this going on while lighting a cigarette and realizes that Maki must know about his blood. She begins to complain about her messing everything up and how she was going to wait until his next checkup, but dons a suit she has floating in a large glass tube. Meanwhile Principal Hirouin is disturbed from his reading by the chase and says it's time for the Justice Maker. It switches back to the disturbed science class and a very upset Misaki. She is quickly put to sleep, however, by a cloth drenched in chloroform curtesy of Sheena-chan, who declares that Misaki will be hers whether Misaki likes it or not as she drags her away. It switches back to Futaba-kun still being persued by Oodori #2 and Maki Kojiro, but they're interrupted by Miki Kojiro, who asks why Maki is stealing her project. Maki tells her that she won't let he keep all the money to be made on Futaba to herself, but Miki tells her it wasn't the money she wanted, but his blood so that she could create a world with no gender inequality where chaos would force people to change. When Maki asks her if that's what she really wants to do, Miki tells her that even though she is her sister she won't be stopping her, and activates the suit, which uses a cloning technique from top athlete's cells to add muscle mass onto itself at will. Maki says that she can always increase the power of the Oodori #2 with a booster, and Miki says that she can always add mroe muscle mass. The scene switches to a dazed Misaki, who is just waking up from her chloroform nap. She finds Sheena staring down at her and telling her that she will open Misaki's eyes to something new. Misaki tells her no, but Sheena insists that she'll be gentle and after they're done she'll be hooked. Misaki starts calling for help and tells sheena to just stop, but Sheena tells her that noone can hear her calling for help and to stop resisting (we finally see that Misaki is bound hands and feet to a table). She also comments about how pretty Misaki's legs are ^_^ She lifts up Misaki's skirt and is rather shocked. She refuses to believe it, and touches it for good measure, and when Misaki responds, Sheena starts flipping out and calling her a freak and asking how the girl she fell in love with is really a guy. Misaki just thinks it must be some bad dream. She walks outside the shed where she was tied and sees a supersized Nurse Miki and Oodori with Futaba-kun battling it out on the schoolgrounds and assumes that it IS a bad dream. When Futaba-kun asks why the two are fighting over him, they tell him they know, and Futaba-kun assumes he's finished. However, "Futaba-chan" saves the day by appearing and completely befuddling the two sisters of science. Of course, "Futaba-chan" is really just principal Hirouin wearing a female school uniform, a wig, and an extremely tiny mask that doesn't even come close to covering up his massive head. Futaba-kun runs toward him and thanks Principal Hirouin, but he says he's not the Principal, but Justice Maker #8! He assures Futaba-kun that since the female Futaba had shown up, the two sisters were fooled and that there wouldn't be a problem. Futaba-kun has his doubts about the sisters being fooled and whether or not he looked like the principal in bad drag, but he finds that the two WERE fooled when they are fighting over wasted time and energy since there were two Futabas after all ^_^; The Justice Maker #8 is proud of his cosplay. It switches back to Misaki, who is begging Sheena to listen to her. Sheena refuses, and Misaki asks if she will at least not tell anyone about her. Sheena says that she wouldn't talk about a freak like her. She says that she hates all men and that Misaki was one of those weirdo kind and she didn't want anything to do with her. Misaki just weakly agrees and turns to see Futaba-kun by a tree. She asks if he is OK, but realizes there's something wrong with him. Justice Maker #8 makes the observation that he looks really depressed over something. He's depressed over the fact that Principal Hirouin's cosplay passed as him, and he's got the haunted soul lines and everything ^_^ Thus concludes volume 4.