About The Page

This page is the effort of one person, and one person alone, to share a little about the Futaba-kun Change series. I offer no promises about accuracy, quality, or wheter or not you learn anything. I'm doing this for my own pleasure and to share what I know about Futaba-kun Change. Suprisingly enough I guess, I'm a girl. Just to let you know that, a 16 year old girl. Not many people get that from me for some reason. This page is provided off my own knoweledge and the rescourses I have available to me, unless otherwise noted. For the most part, my rescources will be the translated English volumes. I don't speak or understand much Japanese, never claimed to. Just to get that out front. This page may not be the best thing (I'm really trying to keep it simple, it looks better, trust me), and I do have another page that gets several hundred hits a day, it needs my constant attention, so this may only get updated once in a blue moon, and I send out my apologies. If there's anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm not sure why this section is here, probably just to tell you what to expect. This page was created on 11/30/99 using HTML from scratch. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0, but also works with Netscape.