Anzu Konishiki

This carefree girl is Anzu Konishiki, sister of the Sumo Konishiki and twin of Karin Konishiki. Don't be fooled by her looks, she may look like a pushover without any brains (well, the brains part is correct, she doesn't know how to use hers and is overjoyed when a simple ephipany comes to her), but in actuality she forms a fighting pair with her sister Karin in which she uses her legs as a potent weapon. With her sister, she can form attack combinations that can be deadly. She comes with her sister from another school to challenge Queen X, the one who defeated her brother in the fight for Futaba-chan. Between her and her sister, Karin is definitely the leader. But neither of them are too threatening without their braun. Anyway, she has an affinity for sweets, but unfortunately she can't have them since she tends to gain weight easily. She appears at the beginning of volume 4 and exits at that volume, probably never appearing again. It would take a long time to lose all that weight -_^