Hiroshi Aro

Hiroshi Aro, the star of the short "The Flying Alligator," also seen various other places around the manga. Why, you may ask? What does an alligator have to do with Futaba-kun Change? THIS alligator happens to be the brilliant mind that came up with the series. That's right, Hiroshi Aro is the author of Futaba-kun Change. In addition to the shorts at the end of the volumes, there's also little things at the end of all the chapters, sometimes spotlighting his assistants or himself. I'm going to venture a guess and say that these alligator shorts only appear in the American manga. Basically, there about his trip to Otakon, huge American food, and otaku in America. Now for a little biographical information. Hiroshi Aro is a penname, his real name is Yoshihiro Tamogami. He was born on May 15, 1959 and his studio is called Studio Paranoiya. Hiroshi Aro worked first as an assistant to Osamu Akimoto (he writes Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsu-jo, which translates into something like "This is the police box before Katushika-ku Kamearei park", it's the longest running series in Japan, currently at tankoban 119), his debut manga was Supecoma E-1, and he basically does Sci-fi and Romantic comedy manga genre. He also co-runs the quarterly manga magazine Comic Will with Kentarou Yano. He's currently working on a series called Migawari Akushidentsu (The Accidental Substitute). According to accounts by his co-workers and comments he made himself in the Otakon shorts, he's a big guy, standing over 6 feet tall (that's rather irrelevant, but you know, I need content here!). If you care to see a list of his work, here's what the manga said, as well as a little of my own reasearch (forgive me if some titles are repeated, my japanese is pretty much nonexistent):
Boogie Woogie Alligator (1 vol)
Omisore! Toraburikko (1 vol)
Tottemo Shonen Tankentai (1 vol)
You and Me (8 vol)
Sheriff (2 vol)
Paranoya Gekijou (1 vol)
Futaba-kun Change (8 vol)
Morumo 1/10 (2 vol)
Unkai No Tabibito (1 vol)
Wakaokusama No Abunai Shumi (1 vol)
Trick Star (1 vol)
Unkai No Tabinin (2 vol)
Takaramono (1 vol)
Muteki Eiyu Esugaiya (1 vol)
Hunter Cats (1 vol)
Fuuin (1 vol)
4 Spirits Plus 2 (7 vol)
Battle Angels (1 vol)
Koi wa Furan (1 vol)
Migawari Akushidentsu (1 vol)
Supecoma E-1 (1 vol?)

some info gathered from PRISMS. Other info gathered from Studio Ironcat.