Futaba Shimeru

Futaba is the star of this lovely little manga series. Because of his bloodline, he turns into a female whenever he gets exited. Imagine his surprise when the first time this happened, he was in the boy's bathroom of Komatane High School. When he transforms, he turns into a green haired, feminine version of himself. Of course, since he harbors a secret crush on Misaki, another classmate, this happens often. In female form, he's shy, cute (judging from what the guys say), and forceful. He's formed a friendship with Misaki as a female, and she shares all her secrets with him, as well as doing him numerous favors to escape the Wrestling team. As a male, he's friends with the wrestling team as well as being one of their top players. He's very shy in this form too, I suppose. I tend to like female Futaba better, maybe just the way she's drawn, or the situations are funnier, I'm not sure. I do like the way she's drawn, though. A person Futaba tries to avoid is his perverse sister Futana. She's been known to persue female Futaba after getting her into favorable situations (like lingere tryouts). The name Futaba Shimeru, literally translated, means "two tied up leaves" according to the Ironcat guys. I tend to like the explanation that Shimeru is a play on "she-male" at Otakuworld, though. I'll just pass both those along.