Futana Shimeru

Futana Futana... where can I begin? The older sister of Futaba, and a definite Shimeru, she turns into a tall blonde male when exicted. One of the few characters in the series that frightens me. Why? I'm not sure what she is. She's one for girls, but yet she turns into a man... does that make it...? She loves one-night stands, and goes after women freely. She's turned on by her brother's female form, where the male thing kicks again, but that doesn't make it any less incestuous. A college student at Komatane college (correct me on that one if I'm wrong), she parties all night long, looking for (what else?) women. She gave her little brother girl lessons, in which she made him model fancy lengerie and tried to cop a feel. Futaba has woken up with her in his bed. Her room's a guy's paradise, with pictures from god knows what magazines plastered all over her walls, of naked women. Being all these frightening circumstances as they may, she's still one of my favorite characters in the series. I'll never know why.