Image Gallery

This is my image gallery ^_^; I know it's not much, but you have no idea of the bitter war going on between me and my scanner. I'll add more with each volume, but sorry for the lack of content in this section. You get fair warning, I don't scan often, but when I do, they're not wimpy scans. These are HUGE, those with slow modems beware. These links will take you to a fortunecity page that says "click here to download file." Or not. The images for the button are broken now, so it doesn't say "click here to download file." There'll be a couple broken images, then a line of text that says something about joining fortunecities. Click the broken image above that line of text to continue. Clicking this will open up a window that shows the picture. This happens because I keep most of my images on a fortunecity account. Just a warning.

I just think it's funny Misaki and Sabuyama-sensei are thinking the same thing
The front cover to volume 1 of Futaba-kun Change! Americanized
Futaba-chan wakes up after a bad dream about her and Masaki
Chima, the "bleeding man of silence" doing what he does best
Futana, demonstrating what SHE does best while male
One of Sabuyama-sensei's dream sequences
Sabuyama-sensei again, voicing his opinion on women
Negiri being... oddly perverse and Misaki not liking it
The front cover to volume 2 of Futaba-kun Change!
Kahoru introducing her daughter. I just really like this pic of Futaba-chan
A big scan of my favorite chapter image
I just think it's funny Misaki wears Futaba's name on her underwear
Futaba worn out after transforming
Hehe, they must be talking about that naked girl again
You sound like a girl! Da-da-dum... the plot thickens
Just a cute picture of Futaba-chan. She's being aggreable
An interesting thought...
Futaba-chan slid into the girl's bathroom in a comprimising position
*group of people* Hi, Futaba! (inside joke...)
sorry, I don't really find it all that inconvienent
hehehe, I imagine it would be
Cute SD of Futaba-kun in a dress
again, Misaki and Sabuyama-sensei have the same thought
Chibi Futana-chan hurrying to persue her hobby
Futana dolls herself up in order to get a guy to take her out
Futana-kun strolls leisurely out of a woman's restroon stall... right into a woman
Futana-chan holds her liquor while on a date
Futana vows revenge
Is it just me or does that guy look a little like Takashi from Video Girl Ai?
Futana-chan and Misaki dig for underwear that isn't smoke stained
Futana-chan sums up her date with Komashita
Futaba-chan and Misaki learned the underwear they're holding is beige for a reason
Futana-kun beating up his/her date
Futaba-kun examines his underwear
Futana-chan cops feel
There's no real reason for this image, I just think Futaba-chan's adorable ^_^
'nother cute pic of Futaba-chan in a crowd of people
The "chain-smoking clerk" goes longer than 5 minutes without a cigarette
Kawaii pic of sd Futaba-chan and Misaki
Aah! Futaba-chan strikes the kewpie-chan pose!
Another one of those unnecessary but cute pics of Futaba-chan
Misaki's reaction after measuring Futaba-chan's bra size ^_^
Cute sd running Misaki
Misaki can identify the cigarette clerk through a cloud of smoke
The clerk doing what she does best (is that really possible?)
The fire alarm goes off, and Futaba's stuck as a male wearing ladies underwear