Karin Konishiki

This burly-looking lady is Karin Konishiki, sister of the Sumo Konishiki and twin of Anzu Konishiki. One of the first things you should know about her is that she comes off as really, really dumb. She doesn't like to use her brains, so she simply does not. You can't really tell how smart she is by that, but while not using her brains, she can't remember things from one day to the next. Despite this, she is the leader of the little troupe of fighters that consist of her and her sister. When they're both together, she's the one who asks questions, but sometimes her sister overshadows her by coming up with "bright" observations. Don't think she's a pushover because of that though, she's actually a very good fighter who uses her arms. She managed to hurl her sumo brother out a window with one arm ^_^ Between her and her sister (who uses her legs to fight), they form a tag team that can attack together for lethal results. They show up and fight for their brother's honor at the beginning of volume 4. She's not from Komatane HS, but they never mention where she IS from. It's unlikely that they'll be much more of her, she left under... difficult circumstances in the middle of the volume after fighting and nearly defeating Futaba and Misaki. -_^