The links section. Everyone's got their favorites, normally related to the page. Unfortunately, since there's only one other Futaba-kun Change page to speak of, I will be listing some of my favorites.

Futaba-kun Change!
The only other Futaba-kun Change page in existence, and it's at Otakuworld. Quite good, has translations, scans from all the volumes, and an image gallery.

Studio Ironcat
This is Studio Ironcat, the exhalted company that gives US readers access to our beloved Futaba-kun Change.

This is the J-pop website, and they have a rather nice feature on Futaba-kun Change. The only bad thing is they seem to update the manga section every 6 months or more, whether it needs it or not. The review here is what got me turned onto Futaba-kun Change in the first place.

Anime Web Turnpike
The beloved Anipike. Most people will say "Go here to find a ton more pages on such and such a series!" Yup, I'd say that's pretty accurate. Cept maybe for Futaba-kun Change. and Geobreeders ^_^ Well, lots of other series, but I really wanted to learn about Geobreeders -_-;

Sawano Manga Company
This is where you can pick up all 8 volumes of Futaba-kun Change! They also have most of Hiroshi Aro's other titles, as well as a lot of other Japanese manga, like Weddingpeach. I can't tell you about the company, I haven't ordered from them, and probably won't since all their titles are in Japanese -_-; I can dream, though ^_^ (which reminds me, someone needs to translate Weddingpeach). Another note: They haven't visibly updated for about a year now, you may wanna inquire as to whether they're still in business when you order.

The Right Stuf International
This is where you can get a heckufalotta English manga. Megamisama, Geobreeders, Bishojou Senshi Sailormoon, the list goes on... *drools*

Rose Tints My World
This would be my collective. If I ever use the excuse that I'm workin on another page and you're curious, go here for an explanation. Or to see if I'm feeding you a line of BS ^_^

This is where I got some of my info on Aro-sama. Also a good place to go to find out anything you want to know about another artist or series. Odds of it being at this site are good. Just go JUST GO!!!

Sasuga Books
This is another company that sells manga. They don't have any Aro in stock, but you can place a special order and they'll track it down for you ^_^ You can get lots of other stuff here, like Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, I"s, Miyuki-chan in the Wonderland, Cardcaptor Sakura... *drools* Again, I've never ordered from them, and can't speak of their reliability.

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