Miss Maki Kojiro

Meet another of the teaching staff of Komatane High School, one who joins the ranks of Principal Hirouin, Mr. Sabuyama, and Mr. Strike. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Kojiro. She's the chemistry amd biology teacher, and is also apparently the advisor of the chemistry club. Apparently, she likes performing cleverly disguised "experiments" such as Dancer Jr, the giant plant Futaba-kun had to fight in the competition. She's an extreme optimist, and always has a smile on her face. She has a tendency to put things in a positive light too, such as when she was asked if Dancer Jr was poisonous, she said "Oh no, not at all! *heart* However, it has a tendency to bite people and suck their blood... *heart*" She comes off as a bit ditzy too, and has yet to be made mad (well, in vol. 3, anyway :p). Maki is the big sister of Miki Kojiro, the school nurse. I think they're twins, and the only way to tell them apart is by the everpresent smile and ditzy look on Maki's face, and the white highlight in her hair goes to the left, while Miki's goes to the right. Her last name varies a bit, as it's romanized in volume three as both "Kojiro" and "Kojira". Whatever floats your boat. Indeed a very funny character, and the first to wonder if there was really anything wrong with Futaba-kun after his blood poisoned Dancer Jr. She makes her first appearance in volume 3.