Sweet, innocent, naieve Misaki. Misaki misses out on a lot of things. She doesn't seem to notice that Principal Hirouin transforms into different superheroes, nor that Futaba-kun and Futaba-chan are the same person. She has a secret crush on Futaba-kun, and Futaba-chan is her best friend, the one she shares all her secrets with, including what kind of boys she likes. So, unfortunately, since Futaba-kun can never get near her without turning into Futaba-chan, the words "I like you, Misaki" will never come out of his mouth. A very bad thing for her. She has a thing with good luck charms, she has one for every occasion, and is very superstitious. Sewing Futaba's pants with red thread, wearing a tag with his name on it on her panties, you name it. She's a very sweet girl, but circumstances just don't seem to fall into her favor most of the time. They don't fall against it, either, but you know. She also seems to enjoy bathrooms, as that's where she talks to Futaba-chan and her other friend Negiri. Noone knows why, or dares asking... but she says it's a good place to think. Hehe, the link for this page is mispelled 'cause for some reason, I thought her name was Masaki until about halfway through the second volume summaries ^_^