Miss Miki Kojiro

Here's yet another one of the Faculty members of Komatane High School, Miss Miki Kojiro. By this time, you'd expect her to be a necrophiliac or have a fetish with underwear or spanking people or something of that nature, but no. Miki has to be the most normal one employed by Komatane that we've yet seen. She's the school nurse, and gets visited frequently by Futaba-tachi after their various mishaps, such as jumping off buildings, wrestling giant bloodsucking plants, stuff like that. She must be quite skilled too, since the wounds never remain for very long -_^ The only abnormal thing she does is smoke, which I found funny. She has a tendency to light up right in the infirmary after patching someone up. The strange things that go on around her seem to have no effect, or she takes it in stride, one or the other. Her big sister is also employed as a teacher at Komatane; the ditzy Maki Kojiro. They seem to have nothing but looks alike, Maki has a ditzy look on her face as opposed to Miki's somber looks, and Miki's white highlight in her hair goes to the right, while Maki's goes to the left. Miki is also the first one to do a thorough investigation of Futaba-kun after her sister questioned the poison content of his blood. I believe she does some tests on it... or maybe not. She at least scrutinizes the cotton balls with his blood on them and thinks about it ^_^ She first appears in volume one, but isn't named until volume 3.