Ranma 1/2

I just don't think it'd be right to have this page and not point out all the similarities between Ranma 1/2 and Futaba-kun Change. Fans of one series will most certainly enjoy the other. Read on.

Genderbending Main Character

Futaba Shimeru turns into a girl when he's excited. Ranma Saotome turns into a girl when you splash him with cold water. The difference is that Futaba inherited his condition and Ranma fell into a cursed spring.


Principal Hirouin likes to dress as superheroes and set thing right that have gone awry around the school. Principal Kuno spent most of his time at a tropical climate and now permanently wears a hawaiian shirt, lei, and small palm tree. Both are extremely fruity in my opinion, and I dare you to prove that otherwise.

Fighting Abilities

Futaba Shimeru is a very good wrestler, represents the team in tournaments, beats the living snot outta the rest of the team at times, ect. Ranma Saotome is a very good martial artist, people challenge him all the time, he beats the living snot outta a lot of people, ect. Believe me, they're related in that aspect.


Masaki is the shy girl that persues Futaba, and Akane Tendo is the not so shy girl that sorta persues Ranma. We could have words whether Akane likes Ranma, but for the sake of arguement here, she does. Neither have told their guys that they love them, but the fact remains.


Gah, this is weird no matter how you look at it. Ranma has his Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, Restaurant Takeout, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Figure Skating, ect. Futaba has psychos in Manga Club, Calligraphy, Gardening, Home Ec, Sumo club, ect. Your never gonna convince me that it's not just plain weird.


People chase after both Futaba and Ranma, to the displeasure of both. But Ranma just gets chased after by girls (mostly...), Futaba gets chased after both sexes. In fact, most of his school is after him.

Penny Pinchers

Both stories share secondary female characters where money is the most important thing to them. Nabiki Tendo from Ranma enjoys doing business to make a lot of money, where Negiri just likes to make lots and lots of bargains.


You wouldn't think the loudmouth, tomboyish, boisterious Akane Tendo would have ANYTHING in common with sweet, quiet, submissive Misaki. But there's the cooking thing. Noone dares touch Akane's cooking, for those who do end up very, VERY ill, or just plain disgusted. It's that bad. Occasionally people will eat it to make her feel better, but other than that... no. Misaki has a unique style of cooking too, she uses sugar. She's good at making sweets, but the problem is that she uses large amounts of sugar in not just sweets, but everything. Her tea is poured into glasses of sugar. Her curry has a ton of sugar in it, etc. Noone dares touch either main girl's cooking.