About the Series

Futaba-kun Change is a Shounen (boys) manga by Hiroshi Aro. It was published by Shueshia and ran in Japan in Shounen Jump Monthly. In America, it is offered as a Monthly Comic series and compiled volumes(there are 8 total volumes in Japan) by Studio Ironcat L.L.C., who do a very good job with the translation, if I may editorialize (I also get comics from Viz, and I must say I prefer Ironcat's methods of compiling and translation better than Viz, no offense to them). This series follows a boy named Futaba Shimeru as he begins his education at Komatane High School. Futaba's on the wrestling team, he has a crush on a girl in his class... we are led to believe his life's pretty good right now. Then his world comes crashing down as he realized whenever he gets excited, he turns into a female version of himself. We are told later that this gender-switching trait is an inherited quality of the Shimeru family. When all the Shimeru hit puberty, they develop the unusual talent. His sister Futana, for example, turns into a womanizing male. Both his genders are enrolled at Komatane, and life goes on... as normal as it can continue for someone like Futaba, surrounded by unusual circumstances and an extremely odd cast of characters, to say the least. A manga series often compared to Futaba-kun Change is Ranma 1/2, by Rumiko Takahashi. In this series, a young male martial artist turns female when splashed with cold water. The similarities end there, however, as Futaba-kun Change goes more into what it must be like for poor Futaba, and how a guy really might think of being female (we don't get to hear Ranma's thoughts too much in the other series, of which I am a big fan as well). The thoughts of a guy trapped in a female body might not be my place to venture, though. As Aro says, "I'm not sure since I've never tried it myself" (although that's said about wearing female underwear).