Shusendo Negiri

Shusendo Negiri... where to begin. Misaki's best friend next to Futaba-chan (who doesn't really count since Futaba's her crush as well). About the only thing she loves is money. Making lots of money. She's even stooped so low as to ask Misaki to strip for money. She finds lots of interesting ways to get it, too. Collecting from Futaba after he saw Misaki's panties, searching the locker room for the wrestling team... She reminds me a lot of Nabiki from Ranma 1/2 (yet another parallel). Her name literally means greedy money, to make discount. She does seem to care a little about Misaki, though. She listens about Misaki's good luck charms, goes into the restroom with her whenever Misaki has problems, and demonstrates concern when she thinks there's something wrong with Misaki because she goes into the restroom so often. Basically though, she seems to like money. If you know that about her, there's nothing else, really. Basically just a foil to Misaki.