Mr. Strike

Another name to add to the cast of dysfunctional teachers at Komatane High School is Mr. Strike. He looks very much like G.I. Joe, and judging from the number of cameos that have appeared in the series (I swear to God I saw BERT from Sesame Street), it's entirely possible that was the aim. In any case, he's the Phys Ed. teacher as well as the head judge at the fighting competition. He is a veteran of some war or other and carries out his own form of basic training with the students. One of his activities was square dancing; one wrong step meant you got blown away by a land mine. Trying to forefit a match in the fighting tournament will earn you a lead shower from his machine gun. He has frequent flashbacks to his battles and stuff, giving students life lessons about the heat of battles. He's a parody of military men in general, as his name, attitude, and actions may suggest. He first appears in volume 1.

Yes, the only reason I used that pic to the left is because you can see a portion of Hirouin's head. Happy now?