The fun stuff section. I figured since this was a tiny site in the first place, it needed some fun stuff to make it seem more exciting and complex! There'll probably just be winamp skins and wallpapers in here made by me (read: crappy ones), unless others want to *gasp* contribute ^_^ If you have a Futaba-kun Change skin or wallpaper of your own and want to see it here, send it to me and I'll have it up soon! The wallpapers are designed to work with 600x800 desktops, just click on the thumbnails and it will take you to a full-size version where you can left-click and chose "set as wallpaper" on your mouse menu.

This was my first wallpaper effort, a pretty crappy one that took several hours of careful image editing, but to no avail. It still looks all pixellated and bad. The logo came from an image atOtakuworld and Futaba-chan came from the cover gallery at Studio Ironcat. I hope they don't mind ^_^;
This is my second wallpaper effort. A bit better than the last one, although I'm not sure how I like the text across the top. I HAD to make a wallpaper out of that kawaii corner image! So cute! Again, the Japanese logo and picture were edited from images found at Otakuworld.
Look! Someone else made a Futaba wallpaper! This was made by Shiori-sama ^_^ A very pretty Futaba-chan wallpaper, much better than both of mine. I love the quote in the corner, "There's something about Futaba-chan." ^_^ You must go visit Shiori at Senshi no Omoi and see her beautiful websites!
This is another wallpaper by me, a little better than my first two attempts (I still like Shiori's better, though ^_^). Made with all my own scans for once, one of the logo and one of my favorite chapter page. The two color effect was unintentional, a result of the fill tool not working correctly due to low memory ^_^
Lookie! Shiori made another Futaba wallpaper! Isn't it pretty? The quote at the bottom is the title of the 2nd book, "Who Wears the Pants?" I love that pic of Futaba-chan ^_^
Shiori made yet another beautiful wallpaper! You must all go and thank her heartily ^_^ This one's a cool-looking black wallpaper featuring Futaba-kun, Misaki-chan, and many squares ^_^ I love it!
My first wallpaper in awhile... ^_^; I got bored one day when roadrunner stopped working and was inspired to make this simple Misaki-chan wallpaper. Again... the text is screwy...
This is another wallpaper by... me. I dunno what I was thinking. This is very blue. The large is from volume one, Futaba and his porn. the smaller pic, Futaba-kun, is from volume two, while he's trying on lingerie, I believe. I meshed that pic and the male symbol together. I did it awhile ago, but just recently fixed it up and decided to post it. Wasn't worth it. Like I said, I dunno what posessed me. Its ugly.
Again, I did this one, but I know WHY. After reading volume four, I couldn't get over Sheena-chan. She's probably one of the most entertaining characters so far. I thought I'd draw her running out of a heart. I kinda like this one, although I probably should've given it a background color. That's one of my favorite pics of her, too. ^_^
This is my first ever effort at making a winamp skin. The result was rather... frightening. My crappy graphics go to the next level and adorn winamp skins now. But I needed one to put here. I used a skinner program and then edited the images produced by that into the eyesore you see before you. Zipped for your convienience, unzip into your winamp skins directory.
Yet another attempt at a winamp skin. Better than the first only because I managed to get the balance cursor to blend in as well. I wish the image had been a little more high quality -_-;
One of my goals in life is complete. If you click on that image, you too can catch Futaba-kun from Pocket Bishonen. After months of pondering and working it over in my head, I decided it WAS worth it to submit Futaba-kun. Now you're able to catch him. Go on! You know you want to...
That's it for now ^_^ more stuff will most likely be added later. If you want more, there's a couple KISS dolls at the Otakuworld KISS site. Links to the doll pages are here and here. My computer likes to eat the Kiss program, so I haven't tried them out yet ^_^; But it looks pretty fun, and I definitely recommend it!