Takane Hirouin

This is another character I like. Takane Hirouin was introduced in Volume 2. She is the daughter of the eccentric Principal Hirouin. Like her father, she has a strange fetish for dressing up and having an alterego. Unlike her father, who is a fighter for the cause of justice, she is the evil Queen X, set to make everything go her way. Queen X is semi-harmless however, despite the fact she looks extremely threatening. She does well in fights by blackmailing her opponent. Along with her evil supervillainess disguise, she has 2 lackeys that dress in a horse costume that she rides (that wasn't meant to sound so sick). Takane really has no perception whatsoever of the world around her, and is kind of stuck in her own self-serving world. She was mad at Futaba-chan at first because her mother was the famous Iroka Kahoru, but then wanted her in her clique to boost her popularity. Takane went back to hating her when she was ignored by Futaba and run over by a crowd of his/her seekers. Overall a very shallow character, but very funny, especially Queen X's lair in the auditorium.