9/1/02 -- Hmm, promised here I'd get up to volume 5 done before I went to college, but promised at my other site I'd just finish volume 4. My other site prevailed ^_^; Here I am all set up in Chicago, and here's your volume 4. However, the rest of volume 4 is still quite a generous update, considering it consists of around 4 summaries and 66 images. I will hurt you if you don't go look at the images, because 66 constitutes the entire volume. Also, I got a new scanner, so most of them are much higher quality than the other images ^_^ I'll probably start in on volume 5 sometime soon, since I'm going to recieve volume 6 pretty soon and volume 7 is coming out in November and all ^_^; PLEASE enjoy the scans and send in any fanart, fanfiction, wallpaper, winamp skin, or any other goodie you might have for this site! It'll make me update!

7/22/02 -- Still working, my goal is to have this up to date up through volume 5 before I go to school on the 24th of August. Updates will by no means stop, for I will have a computer at school ^_^ I hope to recieve volume 6 before I leave too (I'm going to order it within the next couple of days), so keep checking back, just like always. As for the actual content update (you wouldn't think I would just tease you like that, did you?), I've restored the gallery, so all 165 images are currently there, and more from volume 4 should be coming soon -_^

6/16/02 -- Not much of an update, although I'll get some stuff cranking out since I've recieved my volume 5 (it is verrry good). For tonight, I've just summarized another chapter in volume 4. Soon, I'll do as I promised, that being the restoration of the gallery, the scanning of volume 4, and the completion of its summarization. Then I can do the same for volume 5.

4/19/02 -- Ok, this is a cheating update in that I don't really have any new content. However, I did finally fix that Misaki wallpaper so it's not pixellated anymore, and I also wish to announce a few things. If you haven't found out yet, volume 5 has been out for quite some time. I put in an order for it on Tuesday, and since I'm usually motivated to work when I get a new volume, expect me to finish up on the chapter summaries and get my butt going on the volume scans, too. Even better than this though is the fact that volume 6 comes out in July. Volume 6 is a very special volume for Futaba and Misaki ^_^; Futaba-kun Change will also end its run in July with volume 8, issue 6. Not that I have access to the issues but... Also, even better than ALL OF THAT COMBINED is... drumroll... IRONCAT HAS LICENSED THE ARO SERIES YU AND MII!!! I've been waiting forever for that series to be picked up ^_^ That will start running in July, and I WILL have access to the individual issues of that since there's a nice comic store right down the street from the college I'll be attending. I just needed to share that with you all ^_^;

3/26/02 -- Hah! Back again! 25 more images restored to the image gallery! I'm so happy...

3/25/02 -- For some reason, I've been updating once a month or so for awhile, which is suprisingly frequent compared to my other pages. This one's kinda my baby though, I feel bad for the current lack of most scans, any scans from vol 4, vol 4 summaries, and the fact I haven't yet purchased volume 5. I was transferring some more images over to my new computer, and I have several... but for some reason the 105 image won't transfer, so I'm working on that. What I HAVE done is put up one of the chapter summaries for volume 4. Only one, I know... but I was transferring images at the same time, so all is well. Hopefully I'll have some more images soon!

2/10/02 -- Eh... I've been a little short on time lately, so I haven't gotten a chance to type up those summaries. What I HAVE done, however, is continue with the slow process of moving the images from one computer to the other with a floppy, so the gallery is back up to 100 images. approximately 70 more to go -_-;

1/14/02 -- The length between updates here is explained by the extreme frustration on my part caused by the unjustified deletion of the fortunecity account that all my FKC images and another whole webpage was on. The other page is what infuriated me; I had all the Futaba stuff backed up, but the other page wasn't so lucky, and it had a great deal of writing to it. But that explains why the image gallery hasn't been working, thanks to the person who pointed that out recently, I had completely forgotten that's where all the images for this page were kept ^_^; Since then I've gotten a new computer, and at the moment I'm in the process of transferring all the image files from one to the other so I can upload them again, and this is difficult business considering I'm transferring them by floppy. At the moment I'm on 70 of 165 -_-; Anyway, I've got a partial image gallery up at the moment, the rest will hopefully follow shortly. I think I'll try to summarize a chapter or two of volume 4 as well as putting up the chapter scans. Also, for everyone who wasn't aware, volume 5 is out now (it came out in October, someone from Ironcat kindly e-mailed me about it). With Christmas out of the way, I'll be able to order it soon ^_^ Hooray! Anyway, sorry for the highly personal nature of this update, I just wanted to explain why there was no image gallery for so long ^_^;

10/13/01 -- Well, not such a long time between this update and the last one. Actually, it was a matter of about 9 days, which is pretty good. Anyway, for your enjoyment I've added character profiles for Anzu Konishiki, Karin Konishiki, and Sheena Ooka. I've also added two wallpapers I've done as well as a little something extra in stuff. I put up the scan of the cover to volume 4 in the summary section, but there's no link attached to it, it's just there for good looks as per tradition. Still to come are summaries and scans. Of course, I'll always update with anything you've sent in. You'd put a smile on my face with a wallpaper, winamp, piece of artwork, fiction, rant, ANYTHING.

10/4/01 -- Long time no update... again. Computer problems, death in the family, and just general business have kept me away from the computer. BUT! I've recieved volume 4! It was well worth the wait! Tonight I've only updated the gallery with 50 scans, but coming soon will be three new character profiles, chapter summaries, a few more scans, and a couple new wallpapers. Hooray for updates!

6/23/01 -- Wow, how 'bout that, two updates this month! I've had the scans for the first chapter of volume 3 done forever, but Fortunecity discontinued their filemanager system, so I had to let the scans sit and rot while I found a program that would let me save documents as .html and an FTP program that worked for me -_-; I believe they should be up now... around a dozen new ones.

6/2/01 -- Well, I did finish the volume 3 summaries before I personally recieved volume 4 ^_^; The last half of volume 3 is up in the summaries section, so go read those, they took me a LONG time to type up. Next will be the massive scanning endeavor that all volumes tend to be. I'll try to have some of it done before I recieve volume 4. It shouldn't be too long though... I should have enough money to order it at the end of the week! Plus, school ended premature, so I'm now officially on break! Hooray!

4/15/01 -- Well, nothing much but another chapter summary. I should have at least the summaries done before volume 4 comes out this month... I know for sure I won't have the scans done -_-; More later, promise! I'm also happy 'cause this page broke 5,000 hits! Hooray! Of course, I don't know how good that is considering that it took a year and a half to do ^_^; But I do thank you for your patronage and bid you to come back.

3/23/01 -- Ok, so I lied and instead of coming back the next day, I come back almost a month later. However, I do have the first two chapter summaries up for volume 3, so go ahead and take a look at those. Next will either be two more summaries or scans from those two chapters... depends on how I feel about the scanner and whether or not my comp has enough memory to run the scanning program -_-; I also fixed a couple typos on Maki's profile.

2/24/01 -- Back! All I did today though is post the skeleton page for the volume 3 summaries, so you can go there to look at the scans, but I haven't actually begun typing the summaries yet ^_^; I'll be doing that probably tommorow.

2/10/01 -- I know I promised these last weekend, but I finally got around to putting up the three new profiles. I know, I know... huzzah. I also added another comparison to the Ranma page. Next up on the list is the summaries, which will take awhile. They will be up soon though, I promise! Also look for new scans in the gallery, and maybe a new winamp skin. Just please come back, this page gets very lonely by itself...

2/2/01 -- I got volume 3! Over a year after volume two, volume three updates begin. I posted the book image on the summary page, but it doesn't do anything except look pretty until I type the summaries for the chapters. I FINALLY scanned the last two chapters of Volume 2, and now 101 images can be found in the gallery. I look to summarize the chapters soon, but tommorrow I will definitely put up three small character profiles on Mr. Strike, Maki Kojirou, and Miki Kojirou. Scans from Volume three will come soon too. Best of all, according to a press release, volume 4 will be released in April! Misaki-chan Change! I also fixed the Misaki-chan wallpaper... it should look better now ^_^;

1/11/01 -- Update! Still don't have volume 3, but as a product of my boredom, you get a new wallpaper! Keep coming back to check for vol 3 updates though... I'm a lonely person.

12/2/00 -- It's been awhile, and I still haven't gotten vol. 3 -_-; I should recieve it after Christmas though, at which point there will be many updates. Right now there's nothing TO update again. This is just a notice to tell you I'm still alive, and to say that I've been accepted into the Yaoi Files as the representative site for Futaba-kun Change! Hooray! Updates will resume again after Christmas, unless of course you have something to submit to the page, in which case it will be updated immediately upon recieving your submission *hinthint*

9/10/00-- Well... not many updates. What is there TO update? I still need to scan the last two chapters of the 2nd graphic novel, but since there's already about 80 scans in the gallery, it's not really a pressing urge, ya know? But, I come before you the bearer of good news: the third Futaba-kun Change graphic novel, Laying the Smack Down (o_O;) is now available! I will be placing an order asap and bringing before you chapter summaries, scans, and any new characters as soon as I get it in! So there you are, a promise of more updates soon! Of course, with my Pokemon Gold and Silver preorders (my video game obsession), and my anime obsession Trigun, it may be a week or two before I get 20 dollars to donate to my manga obsession, despite the fact I've been waiting... 10 months for this. But I'll most likely place the order next weekend, bringing the eta for the book sometime in late October or early November. You can order it from the Studio Ironcat website at www.ironcat.com Now I'm really happy! I can update this site again!

8/15/00-- So many updates these days, you probably don't know what to think ^_^ The big one for today is the new layout! Isn't it pretty? It was made, of course, by the incredibly kind and generous Shiori ^_^ Be sure to go and visit Senshi no Omoi! I haven't gotten around to scanning the last two chapters of the second volume yet, and Ironcat hasn't announced a third volume, so still nothing new in the lines of content... but Double Feature broke 2000 visitors on August 6th! The 2000th person was Cliffy2000, and they were kind enough to send me the screencap! So today, I'm a very happy camper ^_^

8/4/00--Wow! Consecutive updates! The last time that happened was... January? lol ^_^ Anyway, I added 34 new scans to the gallery from the 3rd and 4th chapters of volume 2. I was in a good mood ^_^ Y'know why? Shiori sent in two new wallpapers! Go to stuff and download them for your use, and then go to Senshi no Omoi ^_^ Also, there's most likely gonna be a new layout withing the next few days. Check back! I'm having fun with this page recently ^_^ Also updated Hiroshi Aro's profile a bit.

8/3/00-- (later) I've been working on this page all day for some reason o_O Not like many people come here or anything... Maybe it was Shiori's wallpaper put me in a happy Futaba-kun mood ^_^ In any case, the strange green outlines surrounding most of the pics in the subpages have been fixed, along with all the typos I made with Misaki's name (man, it took a long time to go through the volume 1 summaries and pick all those out). Also, I added a new winamp skin and wallpaper by me! Go check them out ^_^

8/3/00-- Wow, an update a little over a week after the last ^_^ You'll never guess what I added! Comeon, guess! Ok, I'll tell you. A new wallpaper! Shiori-sama sent in a Futaba-chan wallpaper! As it is much better than the two I made, you must go download and use it now! Also, I moved the image page over to Fortunecities, since that's where I was storing all the rather large scans and they won't let you link off their server in any way. That's just in case you're wondering about the ad banner on that page. I also added a link to Sasuga books, who carry almost all manga under the sun... except for Futaba-kun Change and other Aro works, but they take special orders, and you can ask them for it that way ^_^ Still have three more chapters of Volume 2 to obtain scans from, but that's work for another day. 'Til then!

7/24/00-- Gasp! What's this? An update less than a month later? AND I kept my promises! The stuff section is open for business, with a couple crappy wallpapers and a crappy winamp skin (feel free to contribute ^_^), and I posted about... 22 new scans! Which brings the current scan total up to 46! Hooray! I'll probably be back to post more scans from volume two (the ones I added today are just from the 1st and 2nd chapter), or if I decide to make another wallpaper or winamp skin. 'Til then!

7/13/00--- Whew, that's the biggest gap ever between updates. Sorry 'bout that ^_^; I put up the chapter summaries for the final 2 chapters in the second volume. I may post my wallpapers tommorrow, but I may change it slightly before I do. It is hideously ugly with the background I have behind Futaba-chan. I have some more scans to do of volume 2, but really, that's it until volume 3 comes out, and the date hasn't been announced yet *cries* I'll be back soon with what the page needs!

4/22/00--- A few hours later... I'm gonna stop work for now. 14 new images total in the gallery, as well as working chapter images and 4 summaries in the Volume 2 page. not completely done, but 4 is better than none, right? Hehe, I'm gonna sleep now... ZzZzZz...

4/21/00--- Finally, an update! I know it's been awhile... I'm sorry ^_^; I'm finally in the process of putting up chapter summaries for volume 2, if you go there now though the images for the chapters will be broken because *!#$^% fortunecities won't let you link images off their server. In addition, if you go to the image gallery now you'll find a whole buncha new scans from volume 1. I should have some more tonight, if fortunecities cooperates, that is... *sigh* I'm thinking of putting a stuff section up... I have a couple wallpapers I've been using, and if I do make winamp skins, that should provide ample body for that section. I'll see how much more I can get done tonight with the summaries and images, though.

3/18/00--- Seems I'm getting slow and busy. Since I've got a lotta time this weekend, and meltingpot at fortunecities is down (this houses my big page), I may do volume summaries this weekend! Looking back over the page, I guess the profiles aren't that bad (someone PLEASE tell me if they are), so they'll stick around a little longer. I updated links, Hiroshi Aro's profile, and fixed a couple broken images around. Also switched my E-mail address. That's it for now!

2/19/00 --- ...Right. It's been awhile. The new character profiles are up for Takane and Futaba's father, as well as a new link in the links section, a button to link the page, and a pic in the Ranma comparisons section. Next up will be the Chapter summaries for Volume 2. Man, I've been slow lately, at this rate Volume 3 will be out before I have those done ^_^ I've been thinking about making some winamp skins for Futaba-kun Change, but they wouldn't be terribly interesting due to the fact that there's not that many color illustrations. If I do decide to make some, there'll be a "stuff" section added to the page. I'm thinking about rewriting the Ranma section, it sounds like I'm on something. Anyway, till later...

1/29/00 - - A week late, but the Ranma comparisons are finally up. I also replaced the header images on every page. Looks much better now, right? If fate doesn't intervene I should get a couple new character profiles up tommorow. I also need to put a couple scans in the Ranma section, but that would require more scanning -_-; I will though, don't worry!

1/21/00 - - Hey, guess who got volume 2 of Futaba-kun Change!? Comeon, guess! Nah, you'll never get it, so I'll just tell you. Me ^_^ This weekend will consist of serious scanning and summary typing. Two new character profiles will be put up (Takane Hirouin and Futaba's dad), along with the gallery getting significantly larger. I put up a couple new links on Wendsday without mentioning it. Getting the volume was a great triumph, but I'm a tad upset now cause it'll probably be awhile until volume 3 comes out (considering it finished in December). Who knows though, maybe Ironcat will continue on this nifty book run they're doing now and we'll have vol 3 in June or something. I can dream ^_^ I'll probably be putting up that Ranma 1/2 comparison tonight so long as this FTP stuff from my other webpage doesn't drive me to the looney bin first. Nya, I think that's it ^_^

1/17/00 - - Just to let you know, I'm still here. It feels WRONG not to update a page. It CAN'T be finished... I dunno. The images I added in the gallery... I think 6 and 7 don't work. I can't figure out why, they're listed in my file manager, they won't show up there when I click the links either, and they're not the biggest images, so I don't see why the biggest would upload and the others wouldn't. I even uploaded them a couple different times. I dunno... I still haven't gotten vol 2, so nothing new as far as that goes. I'm thinking of adding a couple new sections, one outlining the similarities between Ranma 1/2 and Futaba-kun Change, and another I was comptemplating but wasn't sure about was similar series. I thought of Ranma right away, which is where the other page idea came from, but what others? Any suggestions? I've found that a fair amount of people come here, which is odd, considering it's not that big. About 250 hits in about 2 weeks, much better than I was expecting. Anyway, the Ranma comparison will be up within the next couple days, and once I have my poke page moved to bulbagarden.com I'll have 21 megs collecting dust at fortunecities so I'll use that as an image archive. Added a new link to the anipike today, though ^_^

1/2/00: Ok I lied. I felt bad for not having the page completely finished and making it a month or more before I did. I opened up the image gallery, with 8 HUGE scans. I'll probably add a lot more once I get volume 2.

1/1/00: Happy New Year, glad to see that Y2K didn't eradicate the page. I've been working without recording it here. I finished the volume summaries (which took several hours suprisingly enough) as well as the character synopses. The only thing I don't have done is the image gallery. I'm putting that off untill I get volume 2, as I only get in a scanning mood every so often and a new volume of manga should be just the right thing. I ordered it on Wendsday, so it should be here in a few weeks. Until then, I'm de-activating the image gallery link and opening the page to the public. When volume 2 comes, there'll be new character summaries and the image gallery. Until then, I have the job of moving my other page to a new, better server, which will take awhile. See you in a couple weeks.

12/23: been awhile again... I got 4 of the character summaries up, Futaba, Futana, Aro, and Masaki can all be viewed now. May or may not do the volume summary tonight, depends on if I have enough time. Probably make the image gallery in the next week, do the last 4 character descriptions, and put the finishing touches on the page in the next week here. I'll probably shrink the images in the character index, they're a little big for my taste

12/14---noticed with disdain that my counter still doesn't work... it's been down for over a week... not that anyone's coming here, I just like that counter, the way it looks. I got the Character index page up, although all those links will remain broken till I actually do the writeups, probably over the weekend. Next part is the volume summaries, I'm going to send away for volume 2 as soon as Christmas is over so I can have a lot of scans for the image gallery and have more than one lonely little volume in the summaries page. Plus I really don't wanna write the character pages without more knoweledge. This is pretty sad right here. Getting a short URL (not that I have any beef with rumika.tripod.com, that's much better than my other one), this one sounds too nice.

12/13---Added pics in the series section and the about the page section. Maybe I'll set up the index to the profiles tonight as well. I'm in a scanning mood. Finished the title conversions as well.

12/12---Changed the titles from "A Whole New Reflection..." to "An Unknown Reflection." I prefer the first version, but it sounds too much like the title of the first book. Series section created. I probably won't end up releasing this page to the public till I recieve the 2nd volume after Christmas, since there's not gonna really be much here then (and I'll have a quarter of the series besides).

12/11---It's been awhile since I touched this page, considering I update my other one almost daily. Probably been awhile cause I'm trying to get my other one caught up. Anyway, I made this section and finished the links section today. I also did disclaimers and the series section today, but series displeases me. I'll probably do more with it later. Came up with the title (or I prefer to think of them as subtitles, like 'A Fairy Story' for Animal Farm) A Whole New Reflection... for the top bar after pondering the index page for awhile and realizing that it only said Netscape at the top. Noone's coming to this page right now, so this is basically for my own records. Wheeee...

12/1---Making the links page. Put up the index page yesterday. Nothin else here.