The Wrestling Team

The Wrestling team plays an important part in the story. But perhaps I should properly introduce them. The tallest one is named Yossher Motomura, and he's the captain of the team. The one with the round head and bugging, bloodshot eyes is Chima, the "bleeding man of silence" (I'll explain that in a bit). The weasely looking one that's drooling is named Takeru. The last member of the wrestling team is Futaba Shimeru, but I don't really consider him in with this crew at the moment. These three are Futaba's best friends in his male state and his worst enemies in his female state. They see Futaba as a good wrestler, a trait that carries over in the female form, and are trying any means necessary to get her on their side. It doesn't help, of course, that they usually charge her, and the first time they saw the female version (their initial reactions are in that picture), one tried to jump on him yelling "oh yea, a half-naked woman!" and the other had one of his explosive nosebleeds. Chima tends to be my favorite of the three, because of the explosive nosebleeds, and the fact that he doesn't say anything and nosebleeds are basically all he's there for. All I have to say is the poor kid better stop hemorrhaging pretty quick or he'll have problems with excessive loss of blood. I wanted to get a good scan of all three of them in the aftermath of one, but the only good one I could find was the page after this one where Futaba-chan is only wearing an open coat, and when I made the page I promised myself no hentai pics (although I'll probably drop that policy later since that's a major part of the story, and it seems rather boring if left out). The Captain's job is the leader and the overdramatizer, he tends to make a mountain out of a molehill. Takeru just seems to be the somewhat... lustuous lakey.